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Mo Bistro takes over Sahel

Tue, Aug. 22, 2017
Cairo – 22 August 2017: After spending a long day at the beach, we decided to head out to Mo Bistro to try a fine dining experience by the sea.

While checking the menu, the manager surprised us with a bowl of mini cubes of perfectly marinated eggplants and another of garlicky tomato, alongside a to-die-for loaf of bread. It was the perfect begging to an unforgettable dining experience.

We started things off with salads; first, we tried the Zucchini Beef Salad, and Beetroot Salad. The Zucchini Beef Salad contains grilled zucchini, water cress, parsley & mint, topped with slices of beef fillet, served with amazing physalis sauce, and the dish goes for LE 89 ($5). It’s the perfect fresh summery salad. While Beetroot Salad contains goat cheese, beetroot, arugula, avocado & pistachios that is for LE 65; a healthier yet extremely tasty option.

Photos courtesy of Mo Bistro

Moving on to the appetizers we got the Roasted Bone Marrow and Salmon Rolls. The Roasted bone Marrow includes a half bone with perfectly roasted marrow served with fresh crunchy toast, caramelized onion and you get to add the sea salt yourself depending on how salty you like your marrow to be.

Photos courtesy of Mo Bistro

On the other hand, the Salmon Rolls are made of a roll of smoked salmon with buttered spinach topped with black caviar. It looked and tasted like a work of art.

After we were finished with our appetizers, we headed into the main course, saying that it was delicious would be an understatement.

Photos courtesy of Mo Bistro

The first went to little Italy with the Fettuccine Shrimp pasta, which was filled with shrimp, mushroom, topped with dill and a creamy lemon sauce. This dish can be split between two people and is worth LE 110.

Photos courtesy of Mo Bistro

The second main course we had was the Flank Steak which was quite frankly the star of the night. Served with a side of mashed potato and 4 sauces for you to choose from; mushroom, mustard, teriyaki or chimichurri sauce. It goes for LE 350, and it can serve up to 4 people.

Photos courtesy of Mo Bistro

We couldn’t end our night there we had to try out two more main dishes. The Beef Fillet Bone Marrow, and the Zesty Salmon. The Beef Fillet Bone Marrow came with a perfect gravy sauce and creamy mashed potatoes and balsamic sauce. The beef filet was a perfect medium rare and the bone marrow was nothing less of perfection, it’s worth LE 180 and it can be shared between 2 people.

While the Zesty Salmon was served with a tangy mixed lemon sauce, orange zest, orange juice & celery leaves balanced with the sweetest sweet mashed potatoes with orange zest & spinach sauté, was the perfect dish for the seaside and its worth LE 175.

If you are a group of four people dining, I recommend you order together Flank Steak and share it. However, if you are two you can order either Beef Fillet Bone Marrow or Zesty Salmon or order both and share together or don’t because they are that good.

Photos courtesy of Mo Bistro

Unfortunately, we were so full on the verge of entering a food coma, we didn’t get to order any of the delicious desserts on the menu. Next time we’ll be back and keep space for dessert.

Mo Bistro restaurant is not only at the North Coast, but they also have a branch in Mohandseen, which is open from 10 a.m. until 1 a.m.
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