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Mon, 21 Aug 2017 - 05:18 GMT


Mon, 21 Aug 2017 - 05:18 GMT

Solar Eclipse - File photo

Solar Eclipse - File photo

CAIRO - 21 August 2017: A total solar eclipse, right above North America, starting over the Pacific ocean and ending over the Atlantic ocean, can be seem from a narrow passage across America. For this specific reason it is named the Great Eclipse of America. The last similar eclipse took place in 1918.

What is the total eclipse of the sun? When will it happen?

The total eclipse of the sun is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs when the sun, moon and Earth line up. The moon falls in a straight line between the sun and the Earth , this phenomenon happens about every 18 months.

What will happen during the total eclipse of the sun?

The moon will pass directly between the Earth and the sun. This is a relatively rare event because the moon's orbit around the Earth is tilted. When these three objects are organized in a single line, the moon covers the sun disk and all the areas that fall under the moon will see a total eclipse.

What areas will you see the total eclipse of the sun? Will we see the phenomenon in the Arab world?

The total eclipse of the sun, which will be seen in the sky of the United States of America only, will not be noticeable in the sky of the Arab world, and the shadow will cover the entire territory of the United States from the west coast of Oregon to the east coast of South Carolina.

When was the last time the United States experienced such an eclipse?

This is the first time in nearly 100 years that a total eclipse of the sun has covered the country from the east to west coast.

When will the total eclipse of the sun take place? And from which states will it be visible?

The total eclipse will start in the United States from the eastern coast of Oregon at 5:15 p.m. GMT. After that the eclipse path takes it over states of Idaho and Wyoming. The eclipse will then continue moving westward and pass over the Atlantic ocean. Nebraska, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and South Carolina will have the chance to witness a partial eclipse at 6:47 p.m. GMT.

What should people know prior to observing the eclipse?

To monitor the solar eclipse, eye protection devices such as sun glasses, which prevent more than 99.99% of sunlight, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, should be used to ensure your eyes do not get damaged.

When will the phenomenon of total solar eclipse recur?

Another total eclipse in 2019 will be over the Pacific and southern parts of South America. Seven years later, another total eclipse in North America is expected in April 2024. It will not cross Egypt but will cross Mexico and the eastern parts of the United States.

When was the last total eclipse witnessed by Egypt and when will we see such a phenomenon?

Egypt is expected to witness a full solar eclipse in 2027 over Luxor. The last full solar eclipse in Egypt was over the city of Sallum, east of the border of Libya, in 2006.

What can be seen with the naked eye during the total eclipse of the sun?

From the United States, observers can see a number of bright celestial bodies during the total eclipse, including: Arcturus, Lion King Regulus, Capella. Venus and Jupiter are also bright. Mars is also west of the sun disk and will be dim.

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