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Thu, 17 Aug 2017 - 12:20 GMT


Thu, 17 Aug 2017 - 12:20 GMT

overview of the hotel – Courtesy of the Marsa Matrouh Page

overview of the hotel – Courtesy of the Marsa Matrouh Page

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt - 17 August 2017: The White Mountain, or Adrer Amelie, has recently joined the list of the 10 weirdest hotels in the world, according to the CNN.

The ecolodge is 300 kilometer away from the sea, within Siwa’s Oasis, southwest Marsa Matrouh city, and is built using salt, and mud, with palm wood and olive trees too.

An eco-friendly hotel that nurtures the soul; it also offers a luxurious service to its guests.

Stairs lit with Candles – Courtesy of the Marsa Matrouh Page

The ecolodge houses 40 rooms, each prepped with its own design, and naturally lit by well-designed windows and candles. An aisle of candles leads to the rooms. The area experiences no light noise, so extravagant star and moonlit skies are on the itinerary.

The lodge also overlooks a salt lake, and offers a spring-based pool. Made with love and care by artists’ hands, this hotel is decorated with shaped salt blocks and walls.

All creatures manage to find peace in the area; rare birds take residence in the ecolodge’s surroundings.

Dinning there is an entirely separate experience. Every meal is served in a different place making sure guests get the most out of the view. The chef with his own unique blends, extracts from the fields to deliver signature dishes to the table; made from Siwan produce that has no second.



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