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Wed, 09 Aug 2017 - 09:11 GMT


Wed, 09 Aug 2017 - 09:11 GMT

Screenshot from Daylio website

Screenshot from Daylio website

CAIRO – 9 August 2017: Daylio is an app with so many options to help you track your mood in detail.

It is mainly a private diary for your mood that you can lock with a pin code so that no one else sees it! With a smooth design and a smart tracking system, this app earned itself more than a million downloads and a 4.7 rating on Google play.

The app is divided into three main sections: Entries, Statistics, and Calendar.

Entries is the section where you enter your mood (preferably every three hours; you can use alarms).

The app gives you the choice between five moods: Radical (which is feeling as good as possible), Good, Meh, Sad, and Awful. After you choose one of these five moods, the app gives you a list of activities to choose what you are doing while experiencing this particular feeling.

This list of activities contains options such as Work, Good Meal, Date, Relax, Party, Cleaning and so on. You can also make up and name your own unique activities that you do frequently. Moreover, after you choose the mood and activities, you can also write a sentence or more to describe something specific or leave any notes.

The second and third sections, Statistics and Calendar, show you your mood changes over time, which moods are related to which activities, and which days you are feeling the best or worst, plus monthly and yearly statistics, as well as good day streaks.

You can also share your moods with your friends or family to show them your progress.

Hope you give the app a try and enjoy it!



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