How to Save Energy and Money?



Sun, 23 Jul 2017 - 09:04 GMT


Sun, 23 Jul 2017 - 09:04 GMT

Energy infograph

Energy infograph

CAIRO – 23 July 2017: Dr. Ayman Hamza, the spokesman of the Ministry of Electricity, criticized the culture of Egyptians in the consumption of electricity, pointing out that even though this culture has changed to some extent, there are still many citizens leaving their homes while the appliances are still connected to the current.

Here are 5 steps to help people decrease their house energy consumption mentioned by Harvard.

1) Turn off the computer:

Computers consume a huge amount of energy, thus leaving it on will lead to a huge bill at the end of the month.

2) Get the right bulbs:

The right bulb to buy is the LED bulb because it consumes 75 percent less and it has no mercury in it, so it lasts 25 times longer than the traditional bulb.

3) Unplug devices:

Devices such as T.V, microwave, scanners, and printers use standby power even when they are off; hence they are called the vampire power, because they consume power even when they are turned off.

4) Use a power strip:

To turn all the devices off at once use the power strip and avoid the vampire power.

5) Turn off all the extra light at home:

Just switch off all the extra light at home to save your money and energy.



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