Egyptian feline feeling home at Cleopatra spring


Thu, 20 Jul 2017 - 12:37 GMT

two cats chilling – Alshazy Siwi

two cats chilling – Alshazy Siwi

CAIRO - 20 July 2017: If you are a cat lover this article is for you. Egyptian feline is well known for its high intelligence, playfulness, short hair, big eyes and beautiful color formations.

Cats wanting a pat – Alshazly Siwa

Patting a cat is an option everywhere you go in Egypt. A free purring healing session is offered for the smallest amount of love you share.

This stray of cats managed to survive around people, within fields and near water. They feed on birds, fish and rats as well as some vegetarian options to help them maintain the energy to yield a good catch.

It is accepted by people to keep cats within their house hold and fields to keep it clear of mice and snakes.

Cats feeling home – Alshazly Siwa

Next time you head to Cleopatra spring at Siwa get prepared to enjoy the company of some adorable cats and kittens.



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