Red Sea has lowest rate of shark attacks –how?



Fri, 14 Jul 2017 - 01:39 GMT


Fri, 14 Jul 2017 - 01:39 GMT

 Porto Sokhna, Ain Sokhna of the Red Sea, Egypt – Sierragoddess via Flickr

Porto Sokhna, Ain Sokhna of the Red Sea, Egypt – Sierragoddess via Flickr

CAIRO – 14 July 2017: The Environment Ministry has announced the Red Sea, especially Ain el-Sokhna, free of large sharks, emphasizing that it has the lowest rate of shark attacks globally. Here are tips on how to keep it safe for swimmers, according to a Wednesday statement by the Ministry.

1 - Avoid engaging in activities that provoke or attract sharks, such as swimming in fishing areas, as the bait and the vibrations fish produce might attract sharks.

2 - Do not swim in open water during night time, sunrise or sunset, as these are the times when a shark would be active.

A diver at Daedalus Reef, Red Sea - Wikimedia Commons

3 - Fishing using a harpoon could be dangerous, because it might attract sharks, especially in open water.

4 - do not attempt to feed fish. Not only does it pollute the environment, but it also changes the fish’s behavior leading it in some cases to attack humans. In case you see a shark,do not try to feed it, come near it or take pictures in a close proximity because it might provoke it.

Boats near Red Sea corals, from which vacationers jump to watch the undersea world – Wikimedia Commons

The Ministry of Environment also said it is coordinating with marine patrols and NGOs to scan the Red Sea and Ain Sokhna coasts to ensure the safety of vacationers. If you would like to make any inquiries or reports, contact the Ministry of Environment’s hotline: 19808 or contact them on

WhatsApp: 01222693333.

Sea Goldies swimming next to a coral, the Red Sea - Wikimedia Commons



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