3 reasons why we love the ultra-slim 2-in-1 laptop - the new HUAWEI MateBook E announced in Egypt



Sun, 29 May 2022 - 11:14 GMT


Sun, 29 May 2022 - 11:14 GMT

3 reasons why we love the ultra-slim 2-in-1 laptop - the new HUAWEI MateBook E announced in Egypt

3 reasons why we love the ultra-slim 2-in-1 laptop - the new HUAWEI MateBook E announced in Egypt

Are you on the lookout for a brand new laptop that will help you manage your work between office and while on the move? Whether you are doing a presentation, getting yourself entertained, working and conf. calling, or simply browsing the net, you will need a laptop to boost your efficiency if you are always working and getting things done on the go! Say hello to the recently launched urtla-Slim 2-in-1 laptop from Huawei – the HUAWEI MateBook E. It is the first 3 screens in 1 laptop featuring the first-ever OLED Real Color HUAWEI FullView Display, futuristic Super Device features, and so much more. It also comes in stylish Nebula Grey and it will be up for grabs in Egypt.


Here are three reasons why we love the HUAWEI MateBook E.


First Reason: Get work done anytime and anywhere with this first 3 screens in 1 laptop

Want to get work when on the go but you don’t want to juggle different devices? All you need is the HUAWEI MateBook E. Huawei’s 3 Screens in 1 laptop depicts the complete experience of laptop, tablet and smartphone in one device. We all want a laptop that kind of matches our personality and taste, and a laptop that is not heavy to carry especially if we are going to be using it mainly for when working on the go. The HUAWEI MateBook E ticks all the boxes because it is light and has an urtla-slim. The 12.6-inch display and 5.6mm thin bezel gives the HUAWEI MateBook E a high screen-to-body ratio of 90 for an immersive viewing experience.


With three modes, you can seamlessly switch between (Laptop mode, Tablet mode, and Smartphone mode) to tackle numerous mobile office scenarios such developing a business proposal, drafting documents or annotating documents.

The laptop’s display can also be detached and used as a tablet. This mode is perfect for connecting with clients for examples or and doing presentations. It also comes in handy for just entertaining yourself with latest blockbuster movies thanks to the great picture quality and HUAWEI OLED Real Colour FullView Display for an Immersive cinematic experience and stunning audio.


This laptop also offers smartphone mode where you get full control of your smartphone through the laptop enabling you to drag and drop files between either devices or view files stored on your smartphone right from the HUAWEI MateBook E. This mode can be very useful when working on digital content to be shared on social media. For instance, you can use the laptop to edit a vlog you recorded and then after editing you can simply drag and drop the file onto your smartphone, right form the HUAWEI MateBook E.


This laptop is also the first MateBook to run on Windows 11, which is optimised for touch screen gestures. It also automatically adapts to different usage scenario. Perfect for mouse input or touch control, Windows 11 ensures you great productivity and efficiency.


Second Reason: immersive viewing experience with OLED Real Color HUAWEI FullView Display

The HUAWEI MateBook E is the first Huawei laptop to use an OLED screen. The P3 cinema-grade wide colour gamut and professional grade high colour accuracy. The 90% screen-to-body ratio brings ample space for writing, creating, and reading, but also for watching movies or working. The brightness and colour temperature of the screen are automatically adjusted according to the ambient light. Whether you are in an outdoor environment with strong light or indoors with illuminated incandescent lamps, or during a business trip, the screen remains bright.


Third Reason: Super Device capabilities enabling a smart office experience

The new laptop expands on the HUAWEI Super Device capabilities with innovative multi-device connectivity features. This laptop can connect wirelessly with compatible smartphones such as the newly launched HUAWEI P50 Pro and with monitors like the HUAWEI MateView via a USB-C cable or wirelessly providing you with futuristic multi-device collaboration and cross-device file sharing with simple drag and drop gestures.


Based on Huawei's distributed technologies, PC-Smartphone Multi-screen Collaboration features help bridge the gap between Windows and Android operating systems at the ground level, enabling seamless cross-device collaboration, file sharing and multi-screen control. Under Multi-screen Collaboration, the recently launched HUAWEI P50 pro can be connected with the HUAWEI MateBook E to form a powerful Super Device. Once connected, the laptop can access mobile files, and open up to three mobile app windows while the smartphone can function as the PC's thumb device, enabling distributed folders and making cross-device file management easier than ever.


Moreover, you can connect the laptop with the HUAWEI MateView via cable or wirelessly to have an extra screen providing you with an immersive viewing space.


Additionally, for the first time, a Huawei laptop is compatible with the HUAWEI M-Pencil (2nd generation). Paired with the urtla-slim 2-in-1 device, the stylus remains responsive as ever, supporting 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity for easy and smooth writing, drawing and sketching. Moreover, video calls on the HUAWEI MateBook E are of high quality. It is also equipped with quad microphones. In order to improve the call quality of the receiver. Plus the self-developed AI noise cancellation enhancement technology aids in reducing ambient noise for crystal clear video calls.


Convinced yet? We truly believe that the new HUAWEI MateBook E is a must have!


The display adopts a rounded corner design, and when measured as a standard rectangular display, its diagonal length is 12.6 inches. The actual size of the screen may vary depending on configuration and manufacturing processes.

Data from Huawei Labs. Actual size may vary depending on the product configuration, manufacturing process, and measurement methods employed. Please refer to the actual product.

Data from Huawei Labs. The calculation of screen ratio data is based on the screen viewable area size to the screen size. Please refer to the actual product.




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