10 reasons to raise cows in your farm in Egypt



Thu, 13 Jul 2017 - 03:41 GMT


Thu, 13 Jul 2017 - 03:41 GMT

Cows in a field – Nancy Ragab

Cows in a field – Nancy Ragab

CAIRO - 13 July 2017: If you are a mini farming lover and planning to make a living in Egypt, then this article is for you.

Egyptian cows and Buffaloes have been raised since the time of the pharaohs along the River Nile banks.

1 - There is a theory that the great sand sea was once a green area and by cultivating all the green crops for animals it became a desert, so most of the types present nowadays in Egypt adapt to the weather and food really good

2 - Knowledge of how to raise a cow or a buffalo is overwhelming especially in Upper Egypt.

3 - Food of those animals is in abundance both in fields and markets; you do not really have to start by raising their demands of the crop.

4 - There are always markets somewhere in Egypt to exchange, buy or sell your animal. You will never get stuck at what you want to do with it.

5 - Raising a cow or a buffalo can be made for meat production, or investment through selling the offspring.

6 - It is a very good source of fresh milk that will provide good nutrition to the house hold especially those that are grass fed.

7 - Egyptians have old knowledge of how to make dairy products yourself in a farm using ancient techniques and pots that you will find at markets.

8 - Neighbors in farming areas give helping hands to each other in hard times like when a cow gives birth.

9 - You can have your all natural organic fertilizers for your mini farm; just make sure you install a biogas to your farm.

10 - You will love how you start your day with 5 a.m. fresh milk for your coffee.

Cows in a Field – Nancy Ragab



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