Cairenes to witness partial lunar eclipse Monday at 5 am



Wed, 11 May 2022 - 11:14 GMT


Wed, 11 May 2022 - 11:14 GMT

Partial Lunar Eclipse - FILE

Partial Lunar Eclipse - FILE

CAIRO – 11 May 2022: According to the astronomical calculations carried out by the Sun Research Laboratory of the National Institute of Astronomical Research, the globe will witness a total lunar eclipse on Monday, May 16, 2022.


The eclipse begins first with a semi-shadow eclipse (it is difficult to notice it except in excellent weather conditions), and it will be at 3:32 in the morning Cairo time.


The partial eclipse begins at 4:27 am Cairo time on Monday, May 16, 2022 AD, and at 5:29 am Cairo time, the total eclipse begins.


At 6:11 a.m., Cairo local time, the peak of the total eclipse will occur, as the Earth’s shadow covers approximately 141.4 percent of the moon’s surface, and at this moment, the full moon of Shawwal for the year 1443 AH takes place.


At 6:53 am Cairo time, the total eclipse ends and turns into a partial eclipse.


The partial eclipse ends at 7:55 am Cairo time, followed by the end of the semi-shadow eclipse at 8:50 am Cairo time.


It can be seen in the areas where the moon appears when it occurs, including:

(Europe - Africa - Asia - North America - South America - Pacific Ocean - Atlantic Ocean - Indian Ocean - Antarctica).


All phases of the eclipse from its beginning to its end will take approximately five hours and nineteen minutes. The eclipse takes from the beginning of the first partial eclipse until the end of the second partial eclipse, a period of approximately three hours and twenty-seven minutes.


It is partially visible in Egypt from its beginning until sunset before reaching the total eclipse at five and one minute in the morning Cairo time, which corresponds to the sunrise on the other side at the same moment.


In Cairo, the partial eclipse is seen for only 34 minutes from its beginning until sunset, and the eclipse reaches 41 percent of its value.


The largest value of the eclipse is in Siwa, where the eclipse reaches 91 percent of its value, and lasts for 53 minutes.



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