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Thu, 13 Jul 2017 - 12:32 GMT


Thu, 13 Jul 2017 - 12:32 GMT

Food at Mohamed Ahmed restaurant - Egypt Today

Food at Mohamed Ahmed restaurant - Egypt Today

CAIRO- 13 July 2017:- If you ever happen to travel to Alexandria, make sure to pass by the "Mohamed Ahmed, Ful and Falafel" restaurant in downtown Raml Station.

The Mohamed Ahmed restaurant, the most famous oriental Egyptian restaurant in Alexandria since 1957, was visited by Spain’s Queen Sofia in 1989, the famous singer Demis Rossos, international actor Omar El-Sherif, Nobel prize-winning writer Naguib Mahfouz, comic writer Mostafa Hussein, famous actor Foad al-Mohandes and director Salah Abo Seif, who all left a remarkable comment in the restaurant menu that is still one of the trademarks of the place.

Queen Sofia’s visit on 1989-Egypt Today

“Every day there was a celebrity in the place. I have seen Naguib Mahfouz and other celebrities coming regularly in the place. The famous bundle of dishes, especially our Alexandrian ful made with tahini, onions, green peppers, tomato and our special spices, is what keeps people coming every time they pass by Alexandria, and I have been working here for 50 years now,” Salah Abdel Khalek, senior waiter at the Mohamed Ahmed restaurant, told Egypt Today.

Celebritiec comment on Menu-Egypt Today

The decoration of the restaurant is in an old style, with the wooden chairs, porcelain tables and marble walls with warm, welcoming colors; the smile on people faces makes you feel home.

Salah Abdel Khalek-Senior Waiter- Egypt Today

The menu contains a wide variety of oriental Egyptian dishes, made with quality ingredients and special recipes, which give the place a special feeling and aroma. The restaurant feels like a busy beehive, where the staff members move swiftly with pens and plates in an organized fashion. The food takes no time to appear on your table.

Menu at Mohamed Ahmed-Egypt Today

When looking around, you will see yourself surrounded by a variety of colors and smells on each table, which makes you want to come again and again to try them all.

“The place is very busy during weekdays and especially on weekends, where reservations have to be made on weekends; and we have 180 workers in the place to ensure high quality service,” Salah Abdel Khalek added.

Mohamed Ahmed Banner - Via their official Facebook page

The kitchen inside is vibrant and alive. They have their own special bakery for their bread, which makes the experience really unique.

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