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Tue, 11 Jul 2017 - 11:00 GMT


Tue, 11 Jul 2017 - 11:00 GMT

Green seen with pigeon Towers – Mahmoud Hawary

Green seen with pigeon Towers – Mahmoud Hawary

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt - 12 July 2017: The pigeon tower is an ancient method of raising and keeping pigeons within a farm or a house near green areas. Although there are other modern buildings and techniques that are more efficient in keeping pigeons, old is gold as they say.

Pigeon towers are unique icons and beautifully shaped, made with all natural materials and a design that allows fresh air to blow through. Pigeon owners often allow their birds to fly around through the fields.

Aside from being bred for consumption, pigeons are also raised as pets. They are really beautiful birds that have a special voice, wisdom and family structure. Pigeons are extremely peaceful and raise their young together.

Pigeons are usually seen around grain crop times spreading along the fields, sometimes in the hundreds in a breathtaking scene. By sunset these birds return to their respective homes, giving the pigeon towers a homely feel.

The main predators of these birds are crows and rats, who frequently feed on chicks and eggs. This is also why pigeon towers are more frequently found in areas where there are less of those predators.

So how do people train the pigeons to recognize these towers as home? First, two pigeons are raised in the tower and fed by their owners so that they grow to recognize the tower as their home. Once the pigeons are acclimatized, other pigeons can be brought in.

The Humans of Upper Egypt Facebook page are documenting Egypt’s heritage of pigeon towers with original and inspiring shots.

pigeon towers, upper Egyptian style – Mamoud Hawary



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