Starbucks faces backlash on social media for raising coffee prices



Sat, 22 Jan 2022 - 03:44 GMT


Sat, 22 Jan 2022 - 03:44 GMT

CAIRO – 21 January 2022: American coffeehouse, Starbucks, is facing a backlash by Egypt’s social media users for raising the prices of its coffee with nearly up to 25 percent.

Some of the users wondered if the consumer Protection Agency has the authority to interfere and ban the sudden and high rising in the prices.

“I know that some may thing that the coffee prices may not be an essential or strategic products to discuss their prices, however, these prices cannot be changing randomly.” One of the users wrote on Facebook.



Due to the hike in its coffee prices, social media users started to make comparison between the American brand coffee’s quality and other brands including Egyption ones, saying that there are more cheaper places and even selling a more delicious coffee than Starbucks’s famous’s one.


A debate broke out about the reason of the hike, as some said that it came as a result of the internarial raising in coffee prices, however, others said that this was not true, and that the raising was completely random, and for no reason.


According to Blomberg, the global market is expecting shortages in the coffee corps during 2022. It was added that the production is expected to fall 1.4 million bags short of demand in the season that starts in October in most countries.


The report explained that this shortage comes as a result of drought and frost in Brazil. The corps production is expected likely this year to be 17 percent smaller than previously expected.







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