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Wed, 12 Jul 2017 - 01:00 GMT


Wed, 12 Jul 2017 - 01:00 GMT

Siwa Oasis – Monika Sleszynska

Siwa Oasis – Monika Sleszynska

CAIRO - 11 July 2017: Sandy is trendy. Don’t we all know the pleasure of stepping bare foot on the sand or walking on the dunes? Feeling earth makes us feel good.

It certainly adds to our beauty too as the modern high end spas enrich their menus with mud masks and mud body wraps.

Visitors to the Turkish Marmaris can experience the volcanic mud bath therapy by dipping in a natural warm mud pool.

In Japanese coastal town Ibusuki hundreds of visitors daily give themselves to the therapeutic qualities of black volcanic sand at the natural coastal spas.

The black sand is warmed up naturally by the geothermal springs.

The holistic medicine sand treatments are well known in Asia.

Volcanic or not, hot springs, mud spots and sand baths have a long tradition reaching ancient times.

There is no surprise the growing fame as they are nature’s old hospital.

It makes sense to look after health and beauty in a natural way and when combined with a paradise nature settings what could sound more idyllic?

While it is easy to wonder if such places do exist on Earth it is also possible to be surprised where to find them.

Sunrise in Siwa Oasis – Monika Sleszynska

Egypt has its own unique nature spot where in heavenly setting one can give himself to not so glamorous sweating.

Being set in remote location of the Sahara desert a remote oasis, seems like perfect for not only get away but also hide away.

The nearest town is hundreds kilometers away making it perfect to fully detach from life’s pressure and blissfully indulge in a traditional sandy treatment which is told to have the potential to restore well-being in the way royals used to do as some legends portray.

The place known as a jewel of Egypt’s touristic attractions has hosted not only the leaders of the ancient times like Alexander the Great and Cleopatra, but also modern celebrities and royalties.

Shali fortress in Siwa Oasis town – Monika Sleszynska

Siwa oasis in Western Desert is home to the traditional and renowned sand baths.

Each summer from mid-June to mid-September Siwa opens a sand bath season.

The desert sand is heated to its hottest by the summer and thus making it suitable for the unique holistic treatments.

The natural treatment which is believed to enhance health and well-being attracts local and international visitors.

Siwa Oasis - Monika Sleszynska

The treatment is based on the wisdom of desert’s ancestors and utilizes the healing powers of nature.

The art of facilitating the sand baths has been passed from generation to generation. Fathi Abdalla, the Head of Environmental Committee and Touristic Activities shared for Egypt Today the secrets of sand baths performed in Siwa oasis.

Set 19 meters below the sea level, the oasis is filled with highly oxygenated air.

Abdalla who specializes in sand therapy treatments has learnt the procedure from his grandparents.

The program consists of specific steps and plenty of rest.

Western Sahara Desert – Monika Sleszynska

According to Abdalla the sand baths are performed to fix things in the body.

During the bath the entire body up to neck is being buried in the sand for 10-15 minutes.

Despite the extremely hot sand bathing, the body will manifest with a sensation of cold.

Being released from the sand the person rests in a tent and drinks warm local organic herbs from the Siwan gardens. Drinking cold drinks is forbidden for some time.

It is required to wear special winter like clothes as the body will feel very cold at this stage. In the following days special oil massage is given and the traditional cupping on the skin might be performed to cleanse the blood.

Hot sand bathing in Siwa Oasis – Fathi Adballah

Although the 3 days are sufficient for the core treatment, resting before travel is advised and special after care is prescribed.

For example, only mild and short showers are allowed in the first week after the bath to assure the balance in the body and success of the treatment. Continuation of herbal drinks is also advised.

The list of health benefits which sand baths are believed to have is highly attractive.

The sand therapy is supposed to give the body extremely deep detoxification which happens by the intense afterwards sweating.

The improvements in blood circulation, levels of cholesterol and heart functioning are promised too.

Besides the health benefits the sand therapy is suitable for anyone who wishes to strongly improve their immune system and lose weight as the internal fat from the organs and external body fat are burnt during the process.

The unique natural therapy reaches deeply into the bones and joints which made if famous for releasing rheumatic and joint pains. The sand therapy is believed to increase fertility and even to eliminate infertility.

Other benefits include deep tissue relaxation and improved skin elasticity and appearance.

Sunset in Siwa Oasis – Monika Sleszynska

The list of health and beauty benefits is highly impressive. The enchanting natural beauty of Siwa oasis can only add to the good reasons for taking up a sand bath there.

The serenity of the environment, uniquely beautiful landscape with stunning sunrise and sunset panoramas, natural hot and cold water springs make it a perfect healing condition.

Optional stay at one of the eco lodges with organic meals and visiting the historical attractions like the Oracle temple of Amun will make up for a timeless experience.

The mesmerizing oasis is a perfectly secluded place to cure the senses, rebalance and rejuvenate. Siwa has a long history roots for rejuvenation.

Legends convey that kings used to go there to rejuvenate in its special climate.

The unique landscape and kindness of local custom attracts visitors from the region and from around the world coming to retreat with families, children and solo.

What could be a better reason than to visit and find out by your own experience?

7. Andrere Amelal Mountain reflection in the salt lake – Monika Sleszynska

By travelling to nature destinations we can give ourselves to the soothing qualities of the natural environment.

When we choose to visit places known for enhanced rejuvenating qualities we can certainly retreat, enrich our journey and look after our health and equilibrium.

Siwa oasis is an exceptional destination all year round with the summer season for the natural highly invigorating sand spa treatments.

While sand bathing is not exclusive to the desert dunes anymore due to the growing popularity it has reached at the exclusive spa centers, the experience in the environment of its origin makes it highly competitive and attractive.

Sand baths in Siwa oasis start from LE 300 ($16.76 ) per person per day. For inquiries, booking and travel arrangements contact Fathi Abdallah +20 1224907806



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