A forgotten historical treasure of Egypt


Mon, 10 Jul 2017 - 01:02 GMT

Hamra ecologe- Hamra Eco Lodge Facebook page

Hamra ecologe- Hamra Eco Lodge Facebook page

CAIRO - 10 July 2017: A hidden treasure of Egypt falls in the city of Wadi Al-Natron. Easily accessed through Cairo – Alexandria dessert road. Right behind the center known as “Master” is this city. It takes average of about two hours drive from Alexandria or Cairo equally. Making it possible to spend a one day break for a day use or a couple of nights stay at El-Hamra Eco Lodge.

Historically, Pharaohs gathered a special mineral from there to prepare for mummification. Also, Virgin Mary took a drink to quench her thirst during the holy family trip in Egypt there. And it is exactly where you can reach for the easiest relaxing and healing vacation that is only two hours away from Cairo.

Nab' el-Hamra – Fares el-Gewely wiki CC
Although Wadi Al-Natron is known to many Egyptians by especially Christians due to the historical value of several beautiful churches and community present there. Nab' El Hamra or the red lake is little heard off nowadays.

What makes this valley really special is that it holds a historical value as well as beautiful nature. You would want to roam around the city for some really old and beautiful churches and relax next to the lake for some beautiful sightseeing.

The highly saline water due to a mineral called Natron “The Valley of Natron” that the city has its name based on it. During summer, most of the water evaporates and what is left behind is natron salt. A beautiful 300 Acre salt lake, that is pinkish in shade due to the salt present. With a spring in the middle that produces fresh water. This water holds healing value to the body when soaked in it.

Nab' el-Hamra – fares el-King wiki CC

Visiting your wildest thoughts can be possible due to the clear starry nights, sound of birds and the winds and the smell of the dessert. It is right in the middle of the civilization. Recharging and relaxing can easily be obtained there. It is a break available right on the middle of living a busy lifestyle. So next time you are traveling from Cairo to Alexandria or vice versa plan a night stay at El-Hamra Eco lodge for relaxation and having a beautiful break .

Nab' el-Hamra – Fares el-Gewely wiki CC

Weather you prefer to stay at a cottage or a room in a building, Al-Hamra Eco Lodge offers double rooms/cottages for LE 100 ($6) on bed and breakfast basis or LE 170($10) on full board basis. https://www.facebook.com/Elhammra-Ecolodge-595123737194134/



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