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Mon, 10 Jul 2017 - 08:42 GMT


Mon, 10 Jul 2017 - 08:42 GMT

Hire Hunt Logo - Facebook page

Hire Hunt Logo - Facebook page

CAIRO –10 July 2017: Entrepreneurs in Egypt are rising with their unique companies and creative ideas. One of those entrepreneurs is Basil Fateen. Born on June 17, 1984, Fateen is a product manager, free thinker and software developer, with over 10 years experience covering platforms and mobile devices. He worked in link developments for six years until he created Hire Hunt in 2015.

The idea of Hire Hunt came to Fateen in 2015, when he started experiencing how companies are facing problems in hiring the right person, while fresh graduates are unable to know why they did not get accepted in the job.

“I was put in a position that I had to hire people fast, it is a terrible process obviously. You are just submitting your CV and not hearing back, you don’t know why. So it is very unclear.”

Fateen always thought that the hiring side is easy and that the problem was with the people who actually apply for the job. However, that is not the case, he discovered later on that it was torture to the companies too because fresh graduates’ CVs look exactly the same. Hence companies do not really know who is telling the truth and who is not. However, there is always a slight difference within the résumé or the CV that might catch a recruiter’s eyes and hire that person, one of these things is the background of the person; schools and universities.

“When I used to hire people I was shocked that I was being biased by choosing them based on their background and there was nothing else to go by.”

So, the process of choosing the right person is really hectic and it takes time, Basil started on thinking of how he can make this process less torture on both sides. Hence came with the idea of the website of hire hunt.

Hire Hunt is the first interactive talent platform of its kind that brings the right employers and talents together, faster. The mission of their business is to take the torture out of the recruitment process.

According to Fateen, the key of this process is that applicants build an online profile through an interactive assessment using games, questions, and feedback mechanisms to discover their skills and capabilities. These profiles give employers more insight into the qualities of applicants than the traditional CVs and cover letters. Hence, companies can search and check candidates on the platform, and only pay for contacting the ones selected. Hire Hunt will not build an application; they will only depend on the website and the Facebook bot.

Hire Hunt has around 553 companies using its service.

Fateen is seeing Hire Hunt in 10 years not only surviving Egypt but worldwide because as he is quoted “In Egypt companies have diversity in their community, but places such as the US and Europe they need a bit of diversity in the workplace, which are on their website.

“Having a start-up is Brutal, however, it is beautiful. You will learn early on if you’re cut for it or not, because the conception of what it is to be an entrepreneur and the idea of it before you start are very different when you get into execution and start to move forward with it because you have to wear different hats at the beginning.”

Finally, Fateen states to Egypt Today how to be an entrepreneur, people should have to know their business from A to Z, they have to be leaders and they have to study hard their idea before getting into the business.



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