The Best 5 Places for Ice Cream in Cairo


Wed, 15 Sep 2021 - 04:34 GMT

Ice cream is not just a tasty delicious dessert, it is a state of emotional comfort. When we’re happy we go for ice cream, when we are down we go for ice cream. If you have this non-ending love affair with ice cream just like we do, here are the best 5 places in Cairo to give your taste buds a treat with some ice cream that will get your heart melting.

Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery
The international brand has built its name on the extremely rich creamy texture and consistency as well as their waffle cones. Cold Stone Creamery has a wide array of flavors in addition to several unique creations. The flavors come in cool names too.

Dara’s Ice Cream

Made with love and passion, Dara’s ice cream is made from scratch only with natural ingredients and is known for its different delicious flavors. Their Belgian chocolate is definitely a must-try and also don’t miss out on their delicious cookies.


Trust us when we say that you’ll find comfort in a scoop of Dolato, or maybe more than just one, because one flavor is never enough. Dolato masters the art of rich flavors offering 100% authentic gelato that will tantalize your senses. Customize your box of scoops or munch on their mini sticks, they are simply heavenly.
Gelato Mio
Gelato Mio
This place is the ultimate go-to for artisanal authentic Italian gelato and sorbets. Their ingredients are always fresh and depend on the season’s produce. Their gelato ticks all the boxes in terms of taste, consistency, and quality. Their gelato macaroons are also a must-try.

Sultana Ice Cream

A well-established ice cream that we grew up to. Best known for its mastic flavor, Sultana also has other traditional and non-traditional flavors. Their prices are reasonable and are generous with their scoops besides of course the great taste.




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