Orange Egypt Breaks Records & Makes Impressive Global Ranking


Tue, 22 Jun 2021 - 02:01 GMT

Orange Egypt YouTube ads Leaderboard Winner

Orange Egypt YouTube ads Leaderboard Winner

Orange Egypt receives well-deserved recognition from Google, and honestly, it comes as no surprise! After dominating the scene throughout 2020 with its moving ad Sunnat El Hayat ‘The Norms of Life’, Orange Egypt has been recognized by Google as one of the 10 most viewed ads on YouTube globally back in 2020 and ranks as the 2nd in place worldwide. YouTube ads Leaderboard celebrate the most popular global video ads, and it is only Orange Egypt that made it to the list in Egypt and the Middle East. Leaving a long-lasting impression and creating a popular buzz is not new to Orange Egypt where year after year they gave us an ad or a campaign that never falls short of grabbing attention. But the ad in 2020 was a whole new level of viewership record-breaking.

The heart-warming ad Sunnat El Hayat came out in a time where life as we know it has completely changed in a global crisis, and every house had to endure the pressures of social distancing forced by the pandemic’s lockdown. Relatable and emotional, the ad showcases snippets of houses across different cities where Orange Egypt helps people connect virtually. The touching song shares a message of hope that no matter how far and distant we are, one day we will reunite again. Giving something every one of us can relate to, the ad has definitely struck a chord and left a strong emotional impression on its viewers.

Orange Egypt has always had a great deal of successful moments and significant milestones. Worth mentioning that in addition to the remarkable ad recognition, Orange Egypt ranks as the 2nd globally recognized brand ahead of other giants such as Apple, Nike, and Amazon.





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