New Infinix NOTE 10 delivers smooth performance, great visuals and exciting mobile gaming


Fri, 11 Jun 2021 - 10:56 GMT

Infinix NOTE 10

Infinix NOTE 10

Consumers are demanding more from their technology than ever before and smartphones are at the cutting edge of innovation. It is little wonder then that the new Infinix NOTE 10 smartphone aims to give users stunning visuals, powerful performance and exciting gaming with a reliable and long-lasting battery.  We went hands-on with this impressive looking handset and put it through its paces to see if it can deliver on its promise. The short answer is yes but let’s dig a little deeper to see why this smartphone has quickly become a favourite.
Vivid display 
The Infinix NOTE 10 comes with a 90Hz 6.95” FHD screen that delivers a striking 1080 x 2460 resolution. This came in handy as reading text from an email or a news site was easy with letters clear and sharp. The display makes viewing pictures and streaming video a pleasure with vivid colours and excellent definition that make even the smallest details pop.  
Powerful performance
We really put the device through its pace to see how it would hold up to daily tasks. The best smartphones have smooth performance that allows users to switch between apps quickly and effortlessly. Fortunately, the Infinix NOTE 10 is powered by a MediaTek Helio G85 Octa-core processor and Mali-G52 MC2 GPU giving it plenty of performance. It easily kept up with my busy schedule from taking calls, typing up a report on the device to web browsing. Everything was superfast and without any frozen screens or slowdown. It makes a huge difference knowing you can trust your smartphone to do what you want it to.
Innovative camera 
As social media platforms have gained in popularity so too has the demand for feature-packed cameras that help take the perfect selfies or capture memorable moments in vibrant detail. The camera on the Infinix NOTE 10 lets you do this and more thanks to its rear-facing 64MP camera, 6MP urtla night camera as well as a 16MP front-facing camera. This set up allowed photos to come out in professional-grade quality during day and low light tests. In fact, seeing the beautiful quality of the night images encouraged greater creativity with lighting and composition. What really helps is the smartphone’s two frontal flashes and that front and rear cameras can also record video in an impressive 4K resolution.  
Next level gaming
As mentioned earlier the Infinix NOTE 10 has plenty of performance and this comes in particularly handy when gaming. There has been an explosion in the number of mobile games now available and more and more people prefer gaming on their mobile device rather than a console.  The Mali-G52 MC2 GPU processor makes gaming a breeze. We tested the device with PUBG and Call of Duty among others and it performed superbly. These games are known for heavy loading game engines that are packed with detailed scenes and intense gameplay. Fortunately, the Inifinix NOTE 10 kept pace thanks to its MediaTek exclusive Hyper Engine game technology. This helps the device to dynamically manage the CPU and GPU to reduce latency.
Long lasting battery
One of the most frustrating things about smartphones is the constant need to recharge the device and especially after intense workloads like streaming video or gaming. The Infinix NOTE 10 comes with a 5000mAh battery which stood up to everything we put it through with an impressively long battery life. That meant it didn’t require a recharge that often but when it was needed, its 18W X-Charge capability was quick and efficient.
The Infinix NOTE 10 is a winner in our eyes. It delivers reliable performance, a great display with an excellent camera setup and fun gaming experiences. Add in its competitive pricing and you won’t go wrong if you choose this smartphone. 



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