Our World: A Nikon Photo Contest in Partnership with Youth Love Egypt Association Supporting Ecosystem Restoration


Sun, 06 Jun 2021 - 10:57 GMT

Image courtesy of Nariman Mesharrafa for Unsplash

Image courtesy of Nariman Mesharrafa for Unsplash

Paying homage to Mother Nature, Nikon in partnership with Youth Love Egypt (YLE) Foundation calls all photography lovers to participate in their contest Our World. The contest supports ecosystem restoration on World Environment Day where photographers can showcase their skills, as well as their love of nature and wildlife captured through their lens.

We've been exploiting our ecosystem for too long, and it is time we all support its restoration, each in their own way. The World Environment Day is a global mission for all of us on this planet to go from destroying to healing, to revive millions of forests, farms, and save the seas, oceans, and underwater world. On this day, Nikon and Youth Love Egypt Foundation aim to inspire and encourage photographers in becoming part of the change with their talent and passion for photography.

The winner will receive a Nikon camera and two lenses in addition to a scholarship for Environmental Pioneers Program by YLE Foundation. Winners ranking next in position will also receive other prizes. Additionally, a Zoom lecture on ecosystems will be held for all applicants on Tuesday 8th of June, at 7 PM.

The contest runs from the 5th until the 25th of June. For terms, conditions, and subscription click the link below.




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