How Mohamed Ramadan Emotionally Manipulates The Public To Reach Top Trends On Social Media


Fri, 04 Jun 2021 - 12:43 GMT

Mohamed Ramadan

Mohamed Ramadan

Recently, Mohamed Ramadan has stirred controversy on social media platforms with a series of provocative and shameful incidents. The actor, who has started his career humbly, is now building his fame and popularity on show-off, false claims, and exploitation of public opinion to reach top trends on twitter and other social media platforms, as well as the news.

His most recent incident took place earlier on the 5th of June, when Mohamed Ramadan shared a video on his social media accounts where he falsely claimed on emotional without giving further reasons or explanation, which in doing so he depends on emotional manipulation to win the support and sympathy of his fans who were not exposed to the truth behind his claims. Egypt’s Public Prosecution clarified the truth behind these false claims and that freezing 6 million EGP of his funds was not a decision issued by the state as the Ramadan video implied, but rather an execution of a court order obliging him to pay a compensation for the late pilot Ashraf Abou El Yusr.

The insensitive and inhumane act from Ramadan’s side with the late pilot Ashraf Abou El Yousr has inflicted grave psychological, physical, and emotional harm to the late pilot which all were a natural consequence to Ramadan ending Ashraf’s reputable career. Stirring more anger, Mohamed Ramadan posted a provocative video throwing money around after the judicial ruling that came out in favor of the late pilot.

On a social level, it is becoming noticeable that the actor has recently become a bad influence on younger generations who follow his lead. His videos disregard many moral values and now the prevailing concept to younger generations is that vulgarism, show-off, and money-talks, are what defines ‘a strong man’. 

Though his songs have grown viral, Mohamed Ramadan is only a phenomenon and is never a presentation of the art Egypt prides itself on. Egypt has long been known for its rich artistic works of cinema, theater and TV. We carry a legacy of art that impressed and inspired the world throughout time, and this is what we need to see more of. One last word, only real art lives forever, fake propaganda is just temporary.




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