Very good reason to cover yourself in mud, and its not a beauty tip



Fri, 07 Jul 2017 - 11:21 GMT


Fri, 07 Jul 2017 - 11:21 GMT

a survival method – Mohamed Shaheen

a survival method – Mohamed Shaheen

CAIRO - 7 July 2017: Passion of the desert is real, and it strikes some people rather than others, but if you were picked by nature to be directed to this passion here is where to start. The best way to learn about something is from people who are already doing it successfully.

Water body in Siwa – Mohamed Shaheen

At first he just followed his passion to live in the desert. Later, he did not really have something at hand to do. So he decided to pursue his profession: photography, as a nature photographer during his stay at Siwa. Although this was not his current passion, but it was a good enough reason to stay.

Good place to practice survival skills – Mohamed Shaheen

Although it is a challenge to stay at the desert off season, during hot summer days and cold winter nights, he accepted the challenge. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, that is the price of falling in love with the desert.

Shaheen was not done yet with his college degree so he had his graduation project about survival in Sahara. He then conducted a series of videos related to survival skills, highlighting the start of his nature as a true survivalist and a teacher.

Although he stayed at Siwa almost all year long, getting back to Cairo was essential to visit parents, getting medical treatment and buying stuff. So currently he is looking for a balance between staying at Siwa, his home as a survivalist and spreading the knowledge at Cairo and Sinai.

“Wild life feels home, I was ok to live in a big city until this moment I viewed the desert at 2009 , specifically the great sand sea at a safari trip from Siwa. I knew it was the place I am meant to be at,” said Mohamed Shaheen to Egypt Today, a survivor in the desert.

Shaheen then added some tips and tricks to make use of if you were ever lost at the desert. So the basic tip is that covering yourself in mud, helps you get closure to animals without them sniffing your smell of seeing you. Provided you walk lightly. So this tip is great if you are threat of being eaten, or if you need to yield a good catch.

‘Athel’ tree - Mohamed Shaheen

A very good shelter provided by nature is the ‘Athel tree.’ It is a naturally occurring tree in the desert that provides basic survival needs to people. Sleeping under it you are sheltered and protected by its leaves and papers from the sun, strong sand winds, and wild animals at dark nights. It is close to the ground and easy to reach. Its wood is easy to put on fire, while its leaves collect early morning water drops. Also, the tree’s barks also provide nectar sweet milk that also heals sun burns; providing the basic nutrition required to survive. In addition, its papers can be used to make a cup of tea, as well having antibiotic benefits for applying to heal wounds.

Ants Home – Mohamed Shahin

White ants home, a bulk usually found in ground between trees. Is usually a cluster of different plants collected by ants, which when added to bonfires help repel insects and give a beautiful aroma.

If you are keen to learn more about some basic skills for free, an event will be held at Culture Wheel Center, ‘Alkalema’ hall in Cairo on July 20 at 6:30 p.m. for two hours. The lecture will be given by Mohamed Shaheen, Founder of Survivalist Academy, whereby he will be highlighting the basic required skills to inhibit wild life if you are originally a city resident.



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