Liquorice: The naturally sweetened drink of Cairo



Thu, 06 Jul 2017 - 06:00 GMT


Thu, 06 Jul 2017 - 06:00 GMT

1947 photo of a liquorice seller in Cairo – Flickr/Old Egypt

1947 photo of a liquorice seller in Cairo – Flickr/Old Egypt

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt – 6 July 2017: Liquorice root, made as a drink by letting it sit in filtered water for a few hours, is a naturally sweetened drink. It is also an alkaline drink that makes the body feel better.
Liquorice root – Egypt Today/Nancy Ragab

A cup of liquorice drink on a hot summer day will restore the body’s lost minerals and water. With its anti inflammatory properties, it is a treasure that helps the body heal.

However, make sure to stick to one cup at a time to avoid its blood pressure raising effect.

Authentically, a liquorice drink seller walks down the busy streets carrying a huge pot across his body and calling for thirsty people.

Often served iced, its specially poured from a thin end and at a high distance for it to form a foam. The thicker the foam, the richer the cup is with the minerals.

So if you visit Old Cairo in summer, make sure you enrich your experience with a cup of liquorice drink from a downtown seller. It costs only a few cents and is definitely worth the experience.

Liquorice plant is harvested in hot spots in Egypt, like Upper Egypt and the oases. Its roots are pulled and left in the sun to dry for some time.

The lighter the color of the root, the better the quality and the sweeter the taste.



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