In pics: Turning electricity kiosks into art pieces in Aswan


Mon, 12 Apr 2021 - 03:26 GMT

 Turning electricity kiosks into art pieces in Aswan

Turning electricity kiosks into art pieces in Aswan

CAIRO – 12 April 2021: Two Egyptian artists Maha Gamil and Ali Abdel Fatah have started an initiative to beautify electricity kiosks in their home city of Aswan, in Upper Egypt.


The initiative aims to turn the electricity enclosures along the Nile River into artistic paintings.




The paintings reflect a positive image of the city of Aswan, in addition to featuring its popular tourist destinations.


Maha Gamil said that she just concluded the painting of the second kiosk, with the help of her colleague Ali Abdel Fatah.


“The recent painting is featuring musical and folk arts of the tribes and families of Aswan,” Gamil said.


She further added that the initiative was set up two months ago to beautify electricity kiosks and power transformers, with paintings that feature “the High Dam, temples, the Nubian Village and residents’ popular customs.”


She added that the main aim behind these paintings is “to send a message to all visitors of Aswan, whether they are Egyptians or foreigners, about the beautiful features of the city.”


She said that the residents have welcomed the initiative efforts.







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