First English-Run Webinar on Sustainable Fashion from North Africa kicks off


Wed, 07 Apr 2021 - 02:13 GMT

First English-Run Webinar on Sustainable Fashion from North Africa- press photo

First English-Run Webinar on Sustainable Fashion from North Africa- press photo

CAIRO - 7 APRIL 2021: Seven speakers from Egypt, including Founder of Egypt’s largest designer e-commerce platform Mitcha; CEO of the largest circular fashion program in North Africa Egyptian Clothing Bank; Program Manager from Egypt’s leading social business incubator Nahdet El Mahrousa; Founders of conscious fashion brands adored by Egyptian celebrities and featured at Cairo International Film Festival Up-fuse and Saqhoute; Business Manager of sustainability certification specialized organization Control Union Egypt; Founder of one of Egypt’s largest artisan training incorporated social enterprises Thaat will be sharing their first-hand knowledge and experiences on sustainable and circular fashion development with the audience worldwide.

Apart from the staff of German International University of Cairo and students of Cairo University and of American University of Cairo, attendees in the web sessions include students and researchers from prestigious institutions, bloggers, and important fashion industry leaders from USA, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Taiwan (China), Egypt, and Morocco.

100% Ramadan Donations to North African NGOs including Egyptian Clothing Bank to Prepare Eid Clothing Sets for Orphans

The 2021 North Africa Sustainable Fashion Webinar (#2021NorthAfricaSFW) aims to provide industry insights from the native perspectives to help the global audience understand the sustainability challenges and visions in fashion in North Africa, as Egypt and Morocco are major suppliers for the European fashion brands, as well as main travel destinations for international tourists. Digitalizing fashion experience is a non-deniable raising trend and this webinar shall reduce the hindrance of technology accessibility and language barriers, showing the world the best examples and changemakers from the region. The webinar duo provides a great opportunity to educate students and young professionals on fashion consciousness during the pandemic e-commerce transition and well-prepare them for the travel boom in the post-pandemic era.

This non-profit webinar is characterized by the fact that the organizer has solely invited local speakers who can share their first-hand experiences and local culture with the global audience. 100% of the proceeds from the webinar will be donated to support the Egyptian Clothing Bank for preparing Eid clothing sets for orphans and Association Tithrite from The Anou in Morocco to build a workshop place for the weavers in the Middle Atlas mountains in Ramadan 2021.

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About Event Organizer and Partners

The Oriental Hybrid is the first Social Media Marketing & E-PR agency combining native specialists with cross-market experiences in both the Chinese and Arabic-speaking professional environments. Aiming to enhance CSR for businesses by dedicating up to 20% of the profits from each project to support living and education in the most needed regions.

Morocco Fashion Future is a Collaborative Platform built in February 2018 by a group of fashion professionals and enthusiasts living or traveling in Morocco that are determined to bring a change to the Moroccan fashion scene - a transparent and cooperative international fashion network with sustainability and humanity development in mind.

Fashion Revolution Egypt is part of the global Fashion Revolution movement, which is a movement calling for a transparent fashion industry that values people and planet over profit.

Green Fashion Tours is a Tour Agency in Berlin organizing interactive tours with city excursions and expert talk online courses on the topics of Sustainability, Circularity, and Innovation in Fashion. With its unique format, participants are given opportunities to interact directly with the changemakers in the industry.


List of Speakers

Ibrahim Al-Rashdy - Certification Business Manager, Control Union Egypt (Egypt)

Kenza Oulghada - Artisan Leader & Keynote Speaker, The Anou; Founder & Weaver, Cooperative Tithrite (Morocco)


Peri Abou Zied - Founder, Thaat Social Enterprise (Egypt)

Abdelilah Boumara - Leather Work Training and Research Laboratory Manager, L’Académie des Arts Traditionnels (Morocco)


Sami Daoud - “Garage” Program Manager, Nahdet el Mahrousa (Egypt)

Wafaa Naim El Idrissi - Director, Bidaya (Morocco)


Yara Yassin - Co-Founder, Up-fuse (Egypt)

Norhan El Sakkout - Founder & Creative Director, Saqhoute (Egypt)

Amal Kenzari - Co-Founder, IDYR (Morocco)

Fadila Bennani - Founder, AMAZ (Morocco)


Hilda Louca - Founder & CEO, MITCHA (Egypt)

Aida Kandil - Founder, MyTindy (Morocco)

Soukeina Hachem - Co-Founder, DABA Concept Store (Morocco)


Manal Saleh - CEO, Egyptian Clothing Bank (Egypt)

Souad El Mghari – Founder & Content Creator, Kaftan Mag (Morocco)

Rime Ajakkaf - Content Creator, Moroccan Mirage (Morocco)


Reiting Lee - Co-Founder, Morocco Fashion Future; Founder, the Oriental Hybrid

Rania Rafie - Country Coordinator, Fashion Revolution Egypt; Co-Founder, Up-fuse




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