Egypt welcomes Afghani pilot promoting female empowerment



Tue, 04 Jul 2017 - 03:26 GMT


Tue, 04 Jul 2017 - 03:26 GMT

Attendees at the ceremony - press photo

Attendees at the ceremony - press photo

CAIRO – 4 June 2017: An evening ceremony was held on Sunday June 2 under the supervision of the Minister of Civil Aviation Sherif Fathi, to welcome Shaesta Waiz of the Dreams Soar initiative as she arrived at Cairo International Airport last Friday evening from Rome, Italy.

Waiz is a female Aghani pilot conducting a round-the-world solo flight to inspire young women from different countries, highlight their contribution to technology and industry, and encourage female learning in various fields, especially that of civil aviation.

Dream Soar aircraft - press photo

Dreams Soar was launched on May 13, 2017 from Daytona Beach in Florida, U.S., under the slogan "dreams of rising", departing for a global journey that will last 90 days and stop at more than 34 stations across five continents through 18 countries, including Egypt.
3 Mr. Mohamed Rahma, ICAO regional manager – Press photo

The ceremony was attended by Minister of Civil Aviation Sherif Fathi, International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Regional Director for the Middle East and Africa Mohamed Rahma, and a number of senior ministry officials, Scout children, air traffic controllers and female Egyptian pilots.

During the ceremony, the Minister of Civil Aviation stated that the Egyptian state is working to encourage the role of women in various fields of industry. He highlighted the achievements of Egyptian women in society, where they have attained some of the highest positions in the country and the government's decision to declare 2017 as the “Year of Egyptian Women” in recognition of women's contribution.

Fathi said that Egyptian women have achieved great honors in various fields, especially in the field of civil aviation in Egypt, where the captain of the pilot of the club is the first Arab and African women to hold this position and the second woman in the world obtain a civil aviation license in 1933.

The Minister of Aviation stressed that the government welcomes such initiatives and works to participate in and contribute to the dissemination of these ideas, which call for the importance of education and the practical participation of women in societies around the world.

The Ministry provided all facilities and assistance necessary for Waiz to land her Beechcraft Bonanza aircraft at the Cairo International Airport, including a special hangar to house the plane during her visit.

The Beechcraft Bonanza A36 is a small-engine aircraft with six seats (one pilot and five passengers) and is for general use. It was first manufactured in 1945 in the United States of America and undertook its first flight on December 22, 1947.



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