Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism &Antiquities sets a plan to develop, raise efficiency of tourism services in museums,archaeological sites


Fri, 26 Feb 2021 - 12:42 GMT

File: Kom Aushim Museum.

File: Kom Aushim Museum.


CAIRO - 26 February 2021:Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism &Antiquities sets a plan to develop and raise efficiency of tourism services in museums and archaeological sites.  
Within that plan, the efficiency of tourism services provided to visitors in a number of archaeological sites in the governorates of Fayoum and Aswan has been completed, in coordination with these governorates and under the auspices of some sponsors from the private sector.
 Mrs. Iman Zidan, Assistant Minister for Archaeological Sites and Museums Development, explained that the work of developing services in Fayoum began with cleaning the site for the Kom Oshim Museum, removing weeds and pruning trees, to use the outside part and the existing shops to display and sell the handicrafts and heritage products for which Fayoum is famous, especially in Tunis village.
 In addition, indicative and identification panels and road signs showing the archaeological and tourist attractions in the governorate were placed.
 Dr. Ali Omar, Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Museum Display Scenarios, indicated that the committee had agreed to enrich the display of the Kom Ushim Museum and provide it with a number of artifacts from the excavation work in Fayoum to be solid evidence of civilization that has existed in this region throughout the ages.
 As for Aswan,Mrs. Iman Zidan said that the development and raising of the efficiency of tourism services in museums and archaeological sites are taking place, as a part of the initiative "Upgrading 2020/2021" in cooperation with a number of sponsors. Display screens were provided at visitor centers of the archaeological sites, and the installation of display screens in the Unfinished Obelisk, Abu Simbel Temple, and Edfu Temple, as well as in the tourist offices at the Aswan International Airport, and the rest of the sites are being completed, respectively.
 Also, the first batch of rubbish bins with a waste separation system arrived at the Abu Simbel temple, in an effort to recycle and preserve the environment.
 It should be noted that the "Irtiqa" initiative was launched by the Ministry to develop and raise the efficiency of visitor services in 20 archaeological sites and museums in various tourist governorates to improve the visitor experience and the services provided, through the participation of the private sector of companies and national banks as sponsors, as a part of their belief in their societal responsibility and their desire to support development projects.  
This all happened through the commercial sponsorship regulation approved by the Board of Directors of the Supreme Council of Antiquities to encourage cooperation with the private sector.



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