Tanta Culture Palace holds creative writing workshops for children


Mon, 22 Feb 2021 - 04:17 GMT

Tanta Child Workshop - ET

Tanta Child Workshop - ET

CAIRO – 22 February 2021: Within the framework of the General Authority for Cultural Palaces’ efforts to develop and nurture artistic and literary talents, Tanta Culture Palace completed the activities of the second day of the Child's Creative Writing Club with the young writer and poet Mohamed Sami.



Sami spoke about ways to choose the appropriate title for a literary work, the importance of the literary works’ titles and how the writer chooses an interesting and attractive title.



Sami also shed light on the importance of keeping a literary work intense and the necessity of avoiding repetition and redundancy to make each sentence important in the context of the literary work.



This came as part of the free writing, creative writing and storytelling workshops for children at Tanta Culture Palace. The workshops take place every Sunday and Wednesday at 5 p.m.



Also, the guitar class at the Talent Development Center in Tanta completed the training of children and youth on playing the guitar. Training was provided by Professor of guitar at the Faculty of Music Education Ahmed Abdel Rahman.






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