Feb. 21 marks 107th birth anniversary of legendary Mostafa, Ali Amin



Sun, 21 Feb 2021 - 03:12 GMT


Sun, 21 Feb 2021 - 03:12 GMT

FILE - Mostafa & Ali Amin

FILE - Mostafa & Ali Amin

CAIRO – 21 February 2021: Today marks the 107th birth anniversary of the twins, Mostafa and Ali Amin, the giants of the Egyptian and Arab press. They were born on February 21, 1914.



The twins’ father, Amin Abu Yusuf, was a senior lawyer, while their mother was the niece of the leader Saad Zaghloul. Hence, political life greatly influenced the lives of the two children, as they grew up in the home of the nation’s leader at the time.



Mostafa Amin traveled to America to complete his studies and enrolled at Georgetown University to study political science. He obtained a master's degree in political science with honors in 1938, then returned to Egypt and worked as a journalism teacher at the American University for 4 years.



Journalism was the twins’ first love. The twins worked in journalism at a very early age, when they presented the magazine "Al-Huqooq" together at the age of eight. The magazine published the news of their home. This was followed by their magazine “Al-Talmiz” in 1928, where they attacked the government and its policies. Soon, it aborted.



Afterwards, they issued "Al-Aqlam" magazine, which was not luckier than its predecessor, as it was also closed.



In 1930, Mostafa joined the magazine "Rose Al-Youssef", and a year later, he was appointed deputy editor-in-chief while he was still a high school student. He proved his brilliance in the world of journalism, then moved to work for the magazine "Akher Saa", which was founded by Mohamed el-Tabei. Mostafa Amin was the one who chose this name for the magazine.



Mostafa Amin published a number of magazines and newspapers, including “Al-Rabie” Magazine and “Sada el-Shrorouq”, among others.



In 1944, “Akhbar Al-Youm” newspaper was born, by Mostafa and Ali Amin. This newspaper was a dream come true for them.



Mostafa and Amin Ali had many charitable and social activities. They are also credited with introducing Mother's Day, Father's Day and Valentine's Day in Egypt, in addition to holding a prestigious journalism competition.



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