Assala,Abdallah Al Rowaished to perform in Riyadh on February 5



Sun, 31 Jan 2021 - 02:48 GMT


Sun, 31 Jan 2021 - 02:48 GMT

File: Assala and Abdallah Al Rowaished.

File: Assala and Abdallah Al Rowaished.

CAIRO - 31 January 2021: Famed Arab stars Assala and Abdallah Al Rowaished will perform live in Riyadh on February 5.


Assala cooperated with Turki al Sheikh for the first time in her song named “El Fare’e Kbeer” ( The Difference is Huge).


The song is written by al Sheikh, composed by Nawaf Abdallah and distributed by Khaled Ezz.


 Assala performed online concert on December 4.


Assala performed live concert in Kuwait in October, 2020.


It is worth mentioning that Assala’s song '' Love and Peace'' achieved huge success amassing millions of views on YouTube.


The song is written and composed by Mohamed Rahim.

"This song drove me crazy; it made me happy, cry and dance, all these feelings at the same time," Assala previously stated via her Twitter account.

As part of the e-initiative "Stay at home ... Culture is in your hands" a concert for Assala was broadcast on the Ministry of Culture’s official YouTube channel on April 2, 2020.

Assala was born on May 15, 1969 in Damascus, Syria to a middle class couple. Mostafa Nasri, Assala's father, was a revered composer and singer.


She began her musical career by performing patriotic, religious and children's songs when she was 4 years old.

In 1986, Mostafa Nasri died after suffering from internal bleeding caused by a car accident.

Aged 17, Assala helped care for her siblings, Reem, Amani, Ayman and Ayham with her mother.

Her musical career started in 1991 with an album that included four songs. In 1993, she became famous after releasing her album "If You Know".

The album had four Egyptian songs of the oriental classic Egyptian tarab style.


The album was an instant hit in Egypt back at that time with heart-breaking songs like "Ya Sabra Yana" and "Samehtak Ketir".

She quickly cemented her presence in the Arab world's growing industry brimming with singers like Angham, Najwa Karam, Latifa, and Abdel Majeed Abdullah.

Assala, 52- years-old, is one of the most popular singers in the Arab world and is famous for her strong, melodious voice. Since the beginning of the Syrian Civil war in 2011, Nasri supported the Syrian rebels and strongly opposed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Assala released numerous successful songs throughout her career, such as “Ya Magnoon” (Oh Madman), “Shakhsya Aneeda” (Stubborn person), and “Tasawar” (Imagine), among others. She is married to famous Egyptian director and producer Tarek el-Erian.

The famous Syrian singer won the Best Arab Singer award from Dear Guest Awards. Nasri received the award on her album “Mohtama bel Tafaseel” (Concerned with Details), released in 2017.

Recently Assala announced her divorce from her husband the famed Egyptian director Tarek Alarian after 14 years of marriage.



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