Jamila Awad co-starring in “Harb Ahleya” with Egypt’s megastar Yousra



Wed, 20 Jan 2021 - 04:19 GMT


Wed, 20 Jan 2021 - 04:19 GMT

Rising star Jamila Awad - Official Instagram

Rising star Jamila Awad - Official Instagram

CAIRO – 20 January 2021: After her recent brilliant performances in cinema and drama roles, actress Jamila Awad continues to prepare for a number of new artworks, most notably the series “Harb Ahleya” [Civil War], where she will co-star alongside megastar Yousra.


The series is scheduled to be broadcast during the upcoming Ramadan 2021.


"Harb Ahleya" [Civil War] is a temporary name for the series, and is planned to be changed in a later stage. It is said that the work is full of excitement and suspense. It is directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz, written by Ahmed Adel and produced by Gamal el-Adl.


On a different context, Jamila Awad has contracted to star in the movie “El-Mahkama” [The Court], which is currently being prepared for, and filming is scheduled to start in the foreseeable future.


“El-Mahkama” is written by Ahmed Abdallah, directed by Mohammed Amin and produced by Ahmed el-Sobky. The film stars Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni, Sabreen, Naglaa Badr, among others.


Awad also continues to shoot the romantic movie “Arousty” [My Bride], in which she co-stars with Ahmed Hatem. The film is directed by Mohamed Bakir and produced by Ihab el-Sergani.


It is noteworthy that Awad recently presented the story “Lazim Aish” [I Must Live] from the series "Ella Ana" [Except Me], which achieved great success and topped the trends on various social media platforms. It dealt with the struggles of vitiligo patients for the first time in an Egyptian drama.


“Lazim Aish” [I Must Live] co-stars Nagla Badr, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, Khaled Anwar, Salma Abu Deif, Firas Saeed and a number of other artists. It is written by Najga el-Hedeni and directed by Maryam Ahmadi.


Moreover, Awad co-starred in the movie "Highschool Girls" [Banat Thanawy], where she played an entirely new role for her. The film is directed by Mahmoud Kamel and written by Ayman Salama.


In the movie, Awad embodied the character of a senior student in a public high school. The film discusses the problems of girls and boys at this delicate age.




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