General Authority for Culture Palaces continues cultural, artistic activities in Luxor


Wed, 20 Jan 2021 - 03:56 GMT

FILE - Luxor Culture Palace

FILE - Luxor Culture Palace

CAIRO – 20 January 2021: The General Authority for Cultural Palaces continues to present a range of culture and artistic activities in the Luxor branch.


According to a statement issued by the General Authority for Culture Palaces Wednesday, the Al-Tud Culture Palace, affiliated to the Luxor branch, held a lecture entitled "Water is a lifeline", during which Shaaban Abdul Karim, the writer and storyteller, spoke about water and its importance to living organisms.


In Egypt, the Nile River is the main source of water, so peaceful coexistence and full cooperation in sharing the Nile water despite the difference in race and religion, is the policy of the Egyptian government, which is cooperating and opening bridges of communication with the people of the nations who share this water with us.


In addition to that, the palace prepared a poetry evening for the poet Nagi Al-Qanswani.





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