Memory of the day: Birth anniversary of Salah Zulfikar


Mon, 18 Jan 2021 - 01:49 GMT

FILE - Salah Zulfikar

FILE - Salah Zulfikar

CAIRO – 18 January 2021: On January 18, many important events that changed the world map took place.


Important events in world history:-

January 18 marks the feast of the Cross of Eastern Orthodoxy.


1778 - James Cook discovers the Hawaiian Islands and calls them the Sandwich Islands.


1863 - Ismail Pasha takes over the rule of Egypt after the death of his uncle, Governor Mohammad Said Pasha.


1948 - Imam Mohammad Mamoun al-Shennawi takes over the Sheikhdom of Al-Azhar.


1952 - The Tunisian popular revolution against the French occupation begins, and the French authorities arrest Habib Bourguiba.


Born on this day:-

1926 - Salah Zulfikar, actor.


1954 - Lotfi Bouchnak, Tunisian singer.


1971 - Josep Guardiola, Spanish football player and coach.


Died on this day:-

1881 - Auguste Mariette Pasha, French Egyptologist who founded the Egyptian Museum.


1863 - Mohammad Said Pasha, fourth ruler of Egypt from the Alawite Dynasty.


1974 - Hassan el-Baroudi, Egyptian actor.


2018 - Sabry Moussa, Egyptian novelist, journalist and screenwriter.





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