Famous Korean YouTuber falls in love with Juhayna City, Sohag



Mon, 18 Jan 2021 - 01:41 GMT


Mon, 18 Jan 2021 - 01:41 GMT

Korean YouTuber during his visit to Juhayna village in Sohag, Upper Egypt - Social Media

Korean YouTuber during his visit to Juhayna village in Sohag, Upper Egypt - Social Media

CAIRO – 18 January 2020: In Juhayna City, Sohag Governorate, Cho Won Kim, a YouTuber from South Korea, had an enjoyable, one-of-a-kind experience.


The young man, who is in his twenties, was able to fulfill one of his dreams to spend some time in Upper Egypt to get acquainted with the customs of the people and enjoy the picturesque views of the agricultural lands and eat the delicious rural food.


“I met Saeedi (Upper Egyptians) people of Egypt and I was amazed and influenced by their hospitality and kindness. I love Sohag," said Cho Won Kim.

The Korean YouTuber enjoying a meal amid Egyptian hospitality - Social Media


Cho Won Kim became famous in his country - South Korea - for his continuous tours of tourist and popular places. He became famous internationally after traveling to many countries to shed light on their culture, civilization and the nature of life through messages he published on his personal accounts on YouTube and Instagram, where more than half a million people follow him.


A few months ago, Kim announced that he would come to Egypt on a trip to the south to visit Sohag, Luxor and Aswan.


Ikhlas Adel Abdel Karim, a student at the Faculty of Fine Arts, contacted him. “I’ve followed his accounts for more than a year and a half because I am interested in Korean culture, and I told him that we would love to host him in our country and I would help during his stay in Upper Egypt,” said Karim.

The Korean YouTuber during his visit to Juhayna village in Sohag - Social Media


The Korean YouTuber was excited about it, and when he came to Cairo in early December, he called the Egyptian young woman.


Karim had to inform her family first: “I reached out for my mother and my two brothers, and I told them that he wanted to visit our village and see our customs and traditions. They very much welcomed the idea,” said Karim.


On his first night in a hotel in Zamalek district, Cho Won Kim met Karim to arrange their travel to Juhayna.


“He speaks broken Arabic and had a lot of information about Upper Egypt. He was fonder of meeting locals than visiting monuments and tourist spots,” said Karim. A few days later, they went to Sohag.


The first thing they did in Sohag is visiting Karim’s family, as her mother prepared a feast of a breakfast as a welcoming gesture to the Korean guest. And indeed, the young Korean felt very welcomed.


“He rode a donkey throughout the village, and asked to harvest crops and milk the cow himself,” said Karim. The young man moved from one house to another, feeling the warm welcome of everyone in the village, while Karim was responsible for translating and breaking the language barrier between him and the locals.


“Kim’s easygoing nature and simple way of expressing himself granted him the love of the people of Juhayna. He is a very cheerful young man and was extremely happy to visit our village. We had to treat him with utmost courtesy and make sure he has a great time with us,” said Karim.


The Korean YouTuber spent unique time with them, during which he took many photos and recorded short videos to document his journey to the place.


Kim was amazed with the hospitality with which he was received in Juhayna. He spent his first hours in the new year amidst so much love that he even wrote on his personal accounts about the experience, “I did not know that I would celebrate 2021 in the Egyptian countryside, for 4 months I advanced in the Arabic language. I learned a lot about cultures. I am happy that I made very good friends."







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