Egypt’s Zahi Hawass presents annual award for Best Archaeological and Restorer in 2020


Sat, 16 Jan 2021 - 09:26 GMT


CAIRO - 16 January 2021: In an annual tradition since 2018, archaeologist and the former Minister of Antiquities, Dr. Zahi Hawass presented the annual award of the Zahi Hawass Center for Egyptology for the Best Archaeological and Restorer for 2020, in the presence of Dr. Khaled El Enany, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities and Dr. Mostafa Waziry Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, at the Ministry's headquarters in Zamalek.
 The awards were given to Professor Salah Al-Masakh, chief inspector of the antiquities of Karnak, for  excavations in the Rams Road, and Professor Muhammad Wahb Allah, inspector at Tuna Al-Jabal for the excavations of Tuna Al-Jabal. Saadi Zaki Abdullah El Gamal, head restorer at Karnak Temple for   restoration work of the Rams in the temple.
 It is customary for this award to be given in conjunction with the celebration of the Archaeologists' Day on 14  January of every year at the Cairo Opera House. This year, Howe because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the awards were announced and presented to the winners at the Ministry.
 Dr. Zahi Hawass’s annual award is given to the best archaeologist and restorer from the Supreme Council of Antiquities since 2018 giving 15K for each winner.  During the past year, Dr.  Zahi Hawass increased the number of prizes to include  two archaeologists and one restorer annually.
 * Learn about the most important works of the winners of the Dr. Zahi Hawass award for the year 2020: 
 Professor Salah Al-Masakh works as head of the temples of Karnak, and was responsible for the excavation project of the temples of Karnak, as well as assuming many duties at the Supreme Council of Antiquities.  He also participated in the groundwater reduction project on the west bank of Luxor.  He wrote many articles and papers in scientific journals about Egyptology.  He also gave lectures at many international scientific conferences and many countries on Egyptology and the most important discoveries, including the United States of America - Italy - Cyprus - France.
 Muhammad Wahballah Abdel Aziz works as an antiquities inspector in the Tuna Al-Jabal archaeological area, where he was a member of the Egyptian-Italian mission in the Sheikh Ubadah archeological site in Minya and a member of the Egyptian mission of the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Al-Ghuraifah sure of ​​Tuna Al-Jabal.  He also worked as a supervisor for foreign missions in southern Minya and was assigned to carry out excavation work for the Supreme Council of Antiquities.
 Saadi Zaki Abdullah El Gamal works as the director of restoration of the Karnak Temple. He participated in the excavation project and restoration of the Ramses II statues behind the first pylon in the Karnak temples and the restoration of the inscriptions on the walls of the Opet Temple.  In addition to the participation in the Argentine mission in the work of documenting Cemetery No. 338 in the tomb of Al-Ashraf.  He also participated in the restoration of the wall reliefs in the open courtyard of Khonsu Temple, the restoration of the Talat stones in the Akhenaten store; the maintenance and cleaning of the shrine of Amenhotep I and the Karnak Temple in cooperation with the American Research Center.  He also participated in the excavations of the Egyptian mission in the Roman region, east of the Luxor Temple.



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