Memory of the day: Death of Souad Nasr, Mamdouh Abdel Alim



Tue, 05 Jan 2021 - 01:57 GMT


Tue, 05 Jan 2021 - 01:57 GMT

FILE - Late Souad Nasr

FILE - Late Souad Nasr

CAIRO – 5 January 2020:  On January 5, many important events took place that changed the map of the world. Many stars of art, politics, and literature were born on this day in various different fields, and many others passed away.


Important events in world history:-

1896 - An Austrian newspaper reveals that Wilhelm Konrad Röntgen has discovered what was later known as X-ray.


1911 - The Zamalek Sports Club is established in Cairo under the name "Qasr El Nil Club".


1925 - Nelly Tilley Ross is elected governor of Wyoming, becoming the first female governor in the United States.


2016 - Algerian Riyad Mahrez is announced winner of the African Player of the Year Award for 2016.


2018 – Oman National Team was crowned the Arab Gulf Cup in the twenty-third edition, after defeating the UAE’s national team.




Born on this day :-

1592 - Shah Jahan, one of the rulers of India and the famous mausoleum builder of the Taj Mahal.


1846 - Rudolf Eucken, German philosopher and Nobel Prize winner in Literature in 1908.


1874 - Joseph Erlanger, American physiologist, Nobel Prize winner in medicine in 1944.


1931 Robert Duvall, American actor.


1931 Juan Goytisolo, Spanish novelist.


1932 - Umberto Eco, Italian philosopher and novelist.


1946 - Diane Keaton, American actress.


1952 - Hatem Zulfikar, Egyptian actor.


1969 - Marilyn Manson, American singer.


1986 - Deepika Padukone, Indian actress.




Passed on this day:-

842 - Al-Mu'tasim Billah, Abbasside Caliph.


1954 - Walter Edward Scott, explorer from the USA.


1961 - Bayram al-Tunisi, Egyptian poet.


1970 - Max Born, German physicist who received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1954.


1981 - Harold Yuri, American chemist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1934.


1988 - Zeinat Eloui, Egyptian belly dancer and actress.


1996 - Yahya Ayyash, Palestinian militant.


2007 - Souad Nasr, Egyptian actress.


2011 - Mohamed El-Dafrawy, Egyptian actor.


2016 - Mamdouh Abdel Alim, Egyptian actor.


2017 - Rafiq Al-Subaie, Syrian actor.




Annual events:-

Go game day in Japan.








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