Despite the challenges: 10 initiatives implemented by Egypt’s Ministry of Culture in 2020



Tue, 22 Dec 2020 - 01:26 GMT


Tue, 22 Dec 2020 - 01:26 GMT

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CAIRO – 22 December 2020: In 2020, the Egyptian Ministry of Culture has implemented 10 intellectual and artistic initiatives and projects in accordance with the strategic directions of the Egyptian state to achieve sustainable development goals and to the general vision of the government program, which includes a path for human building, reshaping awareness and community development, as well as consolidating cultural and civilizational identity and promoting citizenship values.


"Industrial Egypt for Vocational Training" initiative:


The Egyptian Industrialism initiative was launched to activate the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, based on the national role aimed at preserving the identity and preserving its unique features, and with the aim of restoring Egyptian traditional and heritage crafts to the spotlight.


It works to revive and rehabilitate a new generation of creative people in this field, as it is implemented by the Cultural Development Fund at the Fustat Center for Traditional Crafts.


430 people applied to participate in the initiative. 43 artists and craftsmen were selected, ranging in age from 18 to 40 years, and were trained and graduated as a first batch in the initiative in the fields of ceramics - copper - inlay with seashell - tents - wood veneer and jewelry arts.


The initiative also circulated in the governorates through cultural palaces. The first phase included 13 governorates, where 26 training workshops were organized, with two workshops in each governorate.


Theatrical Workshops Initiative "Start Your Dream":

The Youth Theater Troupe holds it at the Theater Art House for free, in order to implement a plan to support and discover new young acting artistic talents through the entrance examinations of the applicants.


This is part of the Ministry of Culture’s strategy discover and support new young artists, from which three batches have generated, resulting in 230 artists.


“Memory Of the City” Initiative:

This initiative aims to document the architectural identity of the heritage areas in Egypt and monitors the social conditions of its people in the past, through the National Organization for Urban Harmony.


It began in the area of ​​Zamalek Island, which carries a distinct historical value, with the successive selection of areas of a similar nature.


“Street Story” Initiative:

A project by which the National Organization for Urban Coordination aims to document the story of street names through commemorative panels placed at the beginning of the street. The installation of 150 panels has been completed.


“Lived Here” Initiative:

One of the initiatives of the National Organization for Urban Harmony, which aims to introduce national symbols and the places in which they lived. The installation of 430 panels was completed, and the names of our heroes from the Egyptian Armed Forces and Police were included in the initiative in appreciation of their heroism and honorable sacrifices.


“Egyptian Author” Initiative:

It aims to produce pure Egyptian theatrical performances that have never been presented to support and enrich Egyptian theater, in a way that contributes to the consolidation of the national identity.


10 short theatrical productions were produced and professionally filmed.


“Golden Voice” Competition:

The Golden Voice competition has been transformed into a national project to discover talents that highlights the strategy of achieving cultural justice, as embodying integration between sectors by increasing the value of the competition’s prizes and transforming them into a national cultural project to discover and refine promising talents in various fields of creativity circulating the governorates of Egypt.


The "Laugh - Think - Know" theatrical initiative on YouTube:

It aims to present international works in the Egyptian creative style with the participation of theater icons to enrich its activities.


The activities of its program, which is implemented by the Theater Art House, represented by the Al-Mowagaha Theater Troupe in cooperation with the National Theater Company,  inspired by a number of short stories by the international Russian author Anton Chekhov.


The shows were recorded and broadcast on Egypt’s Ministry of Culture’s YouTube channel.



 “Culture Relations” Initiative:

It is held in cooperation between the External Cultural Relations Sector and the Supreme Council of Culture. It is a series of seminars that come within the steps of consolidating ties between Egypt and various countries, shedding light on the activities of cultural exchange among the people of the world.



Each evening of the series hosts the ambassador of the celebrated country to introduce the culture of his country with a focus on the cultural ties that bind his country with Egypt throughout history.



"Art for Good" plastic art initiative to support the Long Live Egypt Fund against COVID-19:

"Art for Good" is one of the examples of people of one nation uniting in the face of challenges by donating the value of the paintings of more than 100 plastic artists to the Long Live Egypt Fund through the initiative organized by the Fine Arts Sector with the aim of supporting the fund and allocating it entirely to government hospitals to contribute to confronting the COVID-19 pandemic.





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