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Sun, 13 Dec 2020 - 02:46 GMT


Sun, 13 Dec 2020 - 02:46 GMT

File: Twitter.

File: Twitter.


CAIRO - 13 December 2020: Twitter highlights the top entertainment-related conversations in Egypt in 2020.

At the end of each year, Twitter highlights the key conversations that took place on the platform throughout the year. From hashtags and handles, to videos and photos, Twitter sheds light on the stories that have led public conversations around entertainment in Egypt, in 2020.

Funny Retweets 

While the world was faced with unprecedented times in 2020, Egyptians took to the platform to laugh their way through it, with humorous Tweets and memes. Some of the top Retweets include: 


1. Comedian Mohahmed Henedy (@OfficialHenedy) jokes about the warm weather.




2. Tazz Muhammed (@TazzMuhammed) shares a video of himself singing Disney’s Hakunna Matata. 




3. Aml Osama Wahbi (@WahbiAmi) shares a funny video of children arguing with one another




The most liked celebrity Tweets in Egypt


Many of this year’s most liked celebrity Tweets were in reference to the COVID-19 pandemic. While some celebs urged people to stay safe, others focused on staying positive while making  their followers smile. The most liked celebrity Tweets include: 

1. Egyptain actor Youssef El Sherif (@ElSherif) shares a photo of himself at an office. 



2. Egyptian actor Ahmed Helmy (@ahelmy) shares a photo of himself joking about the summer that does not seem to be in sight due to COVID-19. 




3. Professional football player at Al-Ahly SC Moamen Zakaria (@MoamenZakaria) shares a thankful message with his followers, following their prayers and support while he was sick with COVID-19. 


4. Tunisian professional football player Ferjani Sassi (@FerjaniSassi) celebrates testing negative for COVID-19. 




5. Comedian Mohahmed Henedy (@OfficialHenedy) urges his followers to stay home. 



The fastest growing celebrity accounts in Egypt

This year also witnessed fast-paced growth for the Twitter accounts of Egyptian celebrities, as communities looked to them for support, entertainment, and humor. Here are some of the fastest growing Egyptian handles of the year in terms of following:

Here are the top actor handles: 

1. Mohamed Henedy (@OfficialHenedy)
2. Ahmed Helmy (@ahelmy)
3. Yasmine Sabri (@yasminesabri)
4. Youssef El Sherif (@ElSherif
5. Amir Karara (@AmirKarara)


Here are the top singer handles: 

1. Amr Diab (@amrdiab)
2. Mohamed Ramadan (@Mohamed_Ramadan)
3. Mohamed Hamaki (@Hamaki)

Some of Egypt’s top Quote Tweets

Some active people on the platform Tweeted humorous questions to their followers around lifestyle topics and received engaging responses from their followers. 

1. Personal trainer Hossam Shehata (@hossamshehata51) shared a photo asking what is something you want to stop?



Some of the top replies were: 

● Haneen Ross (@Haneenross18) Tweeted how he wants to stop smoking. 




● Ali El Said (@AliElsa20941392) Tweeted how he wants to stop being forgetful. 



● Yasmine (@yassoooooo12345) Tweeted how she wants to control her temper.  


2. Maryan Muhaini (@MaryamMuhaini) Tweeted an image of the words “An Arab Mum Once Said”, with people joining the conversation sharing humorous comments they’ve received from their Arab mothers



Some of the top replies were:

● Hussein El Goull (@HusseinElGhoull) Tweeted a line that many moms tell their kids when they can’t find something: “What if I get up and find it?” 



● Fatma Methy (@Fatoma_fs2) Tweeted that the phone is always to blame. 



● Mohamed (@f16_4ever) Tweeted “we finally saw you”.



3. Mohamed Abou Ouf (@ABOOUF22) Tweets a question asking people to tell their stories about the lowest grade they received in school



Some of the top replies were: 

● Meedo (@mamh12345) Tweeted that he received a grade of 1.5 out of 15, after having studied well. 



● Bayan (@Bayan19980) Tweeted “does 0 count as a grade?”


● Raz Mido (@RazkMido) Tweeted that he received 0’s in 14 classes.



The fastest growing hashtags in Egypt

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic was the dominant event of 2020, as evidenced by the top growing hashtags in Egypt in 2020. The hashtags relate to general community reminders of staying safe and being responsible during the pandemic:

1. #StayHome
2. كلنا_مسؤول#
3. الكورونا#
4. الحظر_الكلي#
5. اقعد_في_بيتك#


To celebrate the year-end, Twitter has launched its annual emoji that will unlock when the following English and Arabic hashtags are Tweeted:

● #ThisHappened
● #ThisHappened2020
● حدث_في_2020#



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