How were children treated in ancient Egypt?



Tue, 17 Nov 2020 - 02:23 GMT


Tue, 17 Nov 2020 - 02:23 GMT

FILE - Children in ancient Egypt held a special place in society

FILE - Children in ancient Egypt held a special place in society

CAIRO – 17 November 2020: Archaeological researcher Ahmed Amer said that children in ancient Egypt had a special place within the family and among members of society, as a social law had been put in place to protect them and preserve their rights.



He added that the provisions of that law were a moral and societal obligation on the part of families and all components of society at the time to take care of children and give them the right to learn and play as well.



The public was permitted to study in the schools built inside the royal palaces. Then the matter evolved and every craft needed its creator to acquire some form of formal education, which made schools spread across the country.



Fathers in ancient Egypt were responsible for educating their children and the children of others.



Amer indicated that the ancient Egyptians adopted orphaned children and took care of them.



According to Amer, there were three schools, one of them in Mut Temple in Karnak and the second behind the Ramesseum Temple.



As for the third school, it was in the city of workers, which is known today as "Deir al-Madina", where workers and their families lived.  



The ancient Egyptians taught craftsmen an elementary education that includes the basics of reading, writing and some sciences before they started working in the professions, crafts and industries.



Furthermore, Amer added that the ancient Egyptians had the utmost interest in educating their children. They also took an interest in entertaining them, so they created games and gave their children time for hiking and group play.



Rather, children in ancient Egypt enjoyed full rights and lived in a society that provided them with all the education and entertainment they needed. A child was not allowed to learn any craft until he/she had reached the age of maturity. A child was left in their early years to enjoy and play.



Mothers in ancient Egypt had the right to choose the name of the child. The names of children have varied among the ancient Egyptians, and there are names that were associated with the deities.



The ancient Egyptians called the orphan "Tefen", as caring for an orphan was part of the ancient Egyptian belief.










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