Commemorating death anniversary of the veteran Khaled Salah



Fri, 25 Sep 2020 - 08:08 GMT


Fri, 25 Sep 2020 - 08:08 GMT

File: Khaled Saleh.

File: Khaled Saleh.



CAIRO - 25 September 2020: Today marks the talented and prominent Egyptian actor Khaled Saleh’s sixth death anniversary as he unexpectedly passed away on Sept. 25, 2014. 


Even though the great actor died at a rather young age, Saleh’s enriching artistic contributions and memory remain immortal in the minds and hearts of his fans and the Egyptian and Arab acting communities


Saleh was born in 1964, and he graduated from Faculty of Law. He started acting in university theatres and El Hanager theatre. 


Saleh kept working in his business in addition to acting as an amateur until 2000. 


He decided to start his career as a professional actor when he was 36 years old. 





In 2002, he participated in the comic film Keep your Mind Awake [Khaly El Demagh Sahy] with Mostafa Shaaban, Samy El Adl and Dalia Mostafa. 


In the same year, he performed a minor role in the Mohamy Khol’ film and found directors pushing to larger and more complicated roles. 


Saleh presented numerous outstanding roles during his acting career, such as his role as an officer in the film “Tito” starring Ahmed el Sakka, his role as a terrorist in the film “El Gezira PII” and his role in the screenplay “El Rayan”, in addition to many other roles, in which he captivated the hearts of his colleagues and fans. 


His major cinema works include El Rayes Omar Harb, Ibn El Qonsol, Omaret Yaaqobian, Malaki Eskendereya among others.


Saleh led major roles in a big number of TV series such as Sultan El Gharam, Baa’d El Forak, Tager El Saa’da, El Rayan and Mawee’d Ma’ El Wohosh. 


Saleh was greatly vibrant for his role in Egyptian film Ahla El Awqat (Best Times) alongside a number of stage plays including Palestine and El Melad. Ahmed Ramy, Film Araby, are some of Radio series that Saleh participated in.



His last film was El Jazera 2 and his last TV Series was Halawet Rouh. He participated in an Anime series called El Rawy. 


Dying in 2014 after serious heart problems, Saleh was also popular among other prominent actors in the scene. 


Actor Khaled El Sawy and actor Ahmed El Sakka were considered Saleh’s best friends and suddenly mourned his death. 








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