Anani: Grand Egyptian Museum is 90% complete thanks to Engineering Authority's efforts



Mon, 29 Jun 2020 - 02:10 GMT


Mon, 29 Jun 2020 - 02:10 GMT

File - Grand Egyptian Museum

File - Grand Egyptian Museum

CAIRO – 29 June 2020: Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled el-Anani said that the inauguration of the Baron Palace is a touristic event that has an important cultural impact.

Anani further stated that the inauguration of the Baron Palace asserts that Egypt does not forget its history and works to develop the historical Heliopolis area. The country is working to provide an archaeological infrastructure and open two airports that will have a positive impact on Egyptian tourism, according to Anani.

During his speech at the opening of a number of national projects in the presence of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Anani added that the Grand Egyptian Museum project was the latest qualitative shift in the West Cairo region, explaining that before mid-2016, the implementation rate was 17 percent, but after the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces took over the project, the implementation rate reached 90 percent. Additionally, costs were reduced from LE 1.6 billion to 700 million without affecting the quality.

Anani explained that the Grand Egyptian Museum spans on an area of 490,000 squared meters. A pyramid wall and a glass façade that provide a panoramic view were completed, and 51472 artifacts were transported to the museum from all over the country.

Egypt’s minister of tourism & antiquities clarified that 90 percent of the second Khufu Ship has been restored. This is in addition to restoring Tutankhamun belongings, exhibiting 92 pieces on the private stairs, receiving a large number of monuments, and completing the impressive staircase that ends in the pyramids.

Moreover, Anani reviewed the archaeological projects that have been completed in various governorates in the past few years, like the restoration of the Hanging Church, Al-Fateh Mosque located in one of the presidential palaces and the Jewish temple in Alexandria, where three Islamic, Christian and Jewish projects were opened in just 3 hours.

Anani stated that the first tourist restaurant in the Haram area [Pyramids Area] is being prepared for opening, in cooperation with an Egyptian company, stressing that there is a directive to convert the area surrounding the Grand Egyptian Museum to an international tourist resort.

Anani also stated that a global procession of 22 kings and mummies is underway, 22 warships and barges-like vehicles have been prepared, pointing out that the Tahrir Square and the facade of the Egyptian Museum were developed, all the way to equipping the Sharm El-Sheikh Museum.

In addition, Anani explained that the Baron Empain Palace was not developed since its establishment, noting that the Engineering Authority, in cooperation with national companies, worked on this project according to precise scientific methods.

He pointed out that the original photos were referred to for structural engineering work; the palace was suffering from neglect, and now it has become an architectural masterpiece and has been fully equipped and developed to receive tourists



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