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Thu, 11 Jun 2020 - 03:29 GMT


Thu, 11 Jun 2020 - 03:29 GMT

Late comedian Nagah el-Mogi - ET

Late comedian Nagah el-Mogi - ET

CAIRO - 11 June 2020: Despite his death in 1998, Nagah el- Mogi's lines still resonate with his audience, especially his famous character Haram in the movie "Kit Kat".

Abdel Moti Mohammed el-Mogi -known as Nagah el-Mogi- was granted his first opportunity to act by director Mohamed Salem and late actor George Sedhom, when he was assigned an important role in the play "Fondoq Ashghal Shaqa" [Hard Labor Hotel] in 1969.

After graduating from the Higher Institute of Social Service, he began his career with the famed trio "Tholathy Adwaa’ el-Madina" in the late 1960s.

In a rare interview in 1996, Mogi said that he was wronged in the awards he did not receive and that he felt that the judging committees in Egypt have a strange way of thinking that he does not understand.

However, he won an award for a very short role he played in the film "Daerat el-Ghadab" [Circle of Rage] at the Damascus Festival. In his accepting speech, he sent a message to the artistic scene in Egypt, “If Adel Imam is currently the star of all stars and the first comedian to break the rules of the leading actor, I'm the first comedian to win international awards.”

Mogi’s dispute with Egyptian singer Angham was the most notorious. He stood before the investigating bodies in the 1990s after mocking Angham in the play "Lamoakhza Ya Menem" [Excuse Me, Menem], where he made fun of many artists including Amr Diab and Mohamed Fouad. Mogy named Angham ‘Algham’ [Arabic for bombs], which she considered an insult and pressed charges.

After his success in the play "El-Motazawegoon" starring Samir Ghanem, Mogi refused secondary roles and that caused him to refrain from acting for four years. He then had to work on a television show in 1984 for very little money, which he later refused to receive as he felt insulted.

Mogi enriched the television and cinema with his comedy works and left behind a great legacy, especially in theater. His most important works include "Ahlan Bel Sokkan" in 1984, "Arbaa Fe Mohema Rasmeya" [Four on an Official Mission] with late Ahmed Zaki and his role in the film "Kit Kat" with late Mahmoud Abdel Aziz. This is in addition to his role in "El-Hob Fe Taba’ [Love In Taba] and "Laih Ya Banafseg?".

The late comedian died at dawn on Friday, September 25, 1998 in Cairo due to a heart attack after returning home from the theater, where he was performing in the play "Sidi el-Moreb".



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