Cleopatra Cemetery in Egypt: New documentary to present evidence



Thu, 11 Jun 2020 - 02:47 GMT


Thu, 11 Jun 2020 - 02:47 GMT

Cleopatra - History

Cleopatra - History

CAIRO - 11 June 2020: Scientists will present evidence that the cemetery of Cleopatra is located in Egypt's Nile Delta in a documentary set to be released soon.

Archaeologists focus on the site of the ancient Abu Sir Palace near Alexandria. Their research will be revealed on the private Science Channel in a documentary entitled "Cleopatra: Sex, Lies and Secrets," which will debut on June 21.

Scientists are digging at the site of the Palace of Abu Sir, known as Taposiris Magna Temple, just 60 miles from Cairo, in hopes to uncover the mystery behind the queen.

"In Egypt's Nile Delta, huge archaeological excavations are being carried out as experts search for the tomb of Egypt's most famous queen," says Science Channel, according to RT.

Archaeologist Kathleen Martinez's new theory about Cleopatra's tomb suggests that her grave could be found in a place known as Taposiris Magna.

Cleopatra was the last queen in Egypt and one of the most famous rulers of history, famous for marrying the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. The queen committed suicide in 53 BC, after being arrested by the Roman ruler Octavian in the Egyptian city of Alexandria.

According to the legend, Cleopatra directed her servants to smuggle poisonous snakes into her makeshift cell, some of which killed her.

Archaeologists have not found Cleopatra's tomb, but believe it is located somewhere near Alexandria. The city surrounding the temple of the same name, Abu Sir, just outside Alexandria, was a prominent coastal city during Cleopatra's reign.



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