Egyptian stars launch awareness campaign to co-exist with COVID-19


Mon, 01 Jun 2020 - 03:05 GMT

Tamer Hosni wearing a face-mask - ET

Tamer Hosni wearing a face-mask - ET

CAIRO - 1 June 2020: A number of stars launched an awareness campaign on social media to motivate the public to seriously adhere to the measures imposed by the government to coexist with the novel coronavirus.

The stars are calling for the need to adhere to all precautions and to wear protective masks when going to public places or confined places where crowding is prevalent.

Famed actress Mona Zaki posted a picture on her official Instagram account, where she appeared wearing a face mask and riding her bike on the street, to raise awareness of the need to adhere to all the precautions to confront COVID-19.

Also, mega-star Tamer Hosni called on his followers and fans on his official Facebook account to take all the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and commit to wearing the masks and dispose of them safely after using them, so that no one uses them again.

Hosni also posted several pictures of individuals selling face-masks in the street.

In response to one of his followers who was asking about the reason for not applying day-time curfew, artist Nabil Al-Halafawi tweeted, “The world cannot bear the consequences of a complete shutdown and a productive paralysis anymore, especially that nobody knows how long we will have to live with this virus, so they decided to coexist with the virus by avoiding it as much as possible (by wearing face-masks and practicing social-distancing) until a defensive weapon (a vaccine) and an offensive weapon (treatment) are reached.”



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