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Mon, 25 May 2020 - 01:12 GMT


Mon, 25 May 2020 - 01:12 GMT

Nelly Karim & Asser Yassin in "B 100 Wesh" series - Screenshot from one of the episodes

Nelly Karim & Asser Yassin in "B 100 Wesh" series - Screenshot from one of the episodes

Whatever the genre of the TV drama that people watch the majority of them will have some sort of romantic element or a on screen partnership that draws the viewers and keeps them hooked on the series, not because of the gripping plot of the series but due to the chemistry that is visible between certain couples, and not necessarily the stars of the series.

Egypt Today have put together our personal choice of top six couples based on three factors; the existing chemistry between the couples, visible popularity among the public judging from social media, and finally the impact that they have on the series.

Sukar And Omar – Nelly Karim and Asser Yassin

There was no doubt that our choice of number one couple will have to be 'With 100 Faces – Bi Meet Wesh' golden due Sukar and Omar played by Nelly Karim and Asser Yassin. The series has proved to be a massive hit across the arab world and one of its major pull factor is the choice of characters and by putting Karim and Yassin together has been one of the most successful partnership this Ramadan. The criminal couples are not evil, but funny and good natured with one liners that has made them the most talked about couples on social media, Omar's famous “Hey Sugar” has melted the hearts of many female viewers and the romantic relationship that has recently developed between the two has kept viewers hooked and rooting for a happy ending. The couple's romantic relationship has developed in a natural and life like manner that has made people identify with them.

Ghalyea and Murad – Yasmine AdelAziz and Karim Fahmy

Probably the second most talked about couples on social media are 'Why Fall in Love Again -Wi Neheb Tani Leeh' leading couples Ghalyea and Murad played by Yasmine AdelAziz and Karim Fahmy. Murad El Seweifi is the rich, gentle, romantic, good looking bachelor – a dream catch of any girl which is probably the reason he has become such a favourite character for many. This role has suited Karim Fahmy more than the action roles he has played in the past, romantic roles are perfect for Fahmy as he himself in a recent instagram post wrote that the character of Assem from 'Hekyeat Banat' is the closest to his heart which was a romantic role and one that struck a cord with viewers and made him such a popular actor. Not many would have imagined Yasmine AbdelAziz in a romantic role but she has shown in this series that after years of doing comedy she is more than capable of doing romance with her own style and special touches. She is still funny and natural, not overly emotional or cheesy but down to earth and I think many saw themselves in her and the way she conducted herself and spoke.

Fadwa and Fathi – Rojena and Ahmed Zaher

Many of you will be shocked by the inclusion of 'El Prince' Fadwa and Fathi in our best couples but it is important to note that being a couple is not about being good natured and kind but how they help and work together. Fadwa and Fathi played by Rojena and Ahmed Zaher share the same values and beliefs, both ambitious, selfish and their evil nature is caused by scars from their past; so the perfect match, there is a chemistry between them that can't be denied and though its not love that brings them together their relationship dynamic is based on mutual benefits that is accompanied by quite few comical dialogues. The audience are not always interested in a nice romantic couples as sometimes the impact of the couples in the series can prove to be a more attractive option.

Jamela and Azmi – Najla Badr and Ahmed Salah Hosny

Another couples who are not the main focus of the series but their relationship development is full of rich emotions and raw feelings. 'El Fitwa' Jamela and Azmi played by Najla Badr and Ahmed Salah Hosny is an interesting combination of Azmi who has never loved anyone else but Jamela's heart belongs to Hassan played by Yasser Galal, who does not reciprocate this feeling. Azmi pursues Jamela despite the differences in social status; she is a dancer in the local drinking tavern and he is the son of the well respected alley's leader, Azmi defies his mother and marries Jamela and remains faithful to her even when she does not bears him the much awaited heir. On her part Jamela learns to love Azmi when she witnesses the love he holds for her, she stands by him even in his most evil hour and tries to dissuade him from the path he chose. Even at the end when he lost everything she remains by his side and urges him to get up and save himself. Its a love story that is full of varying passions; love, jealousy, anger and loyalty and grows with the series making the audience's love of the couple grows with it.

Mazen and Tamara – Hassan Malik and Hana Dawood

'Leaabt El Nisean' Mazen and Tamara the modern day Romeo and Juliet, the star crossed lovers who are doomed from the start of the relationship as Tamara's father killed Mazen's uncle and was subsequently killed by him. Mazen and Tamara played by Hassan Malik and Hana Dawood meet accidentally at a self help group part of a counselling session that they both attend for their eating disorder and its this common struggle that brings them closer and forms the base for their love story. Their relationship is pure and innocent and despite their very young age but the couples are a joy to watch amongst all the shady and corrupted setting and the fact that we the audience live out their love story from the start made us quite involved and eager for them to remain together against all the odds.

Abdo and Noura – Mahmoud Yassen and Laila Zaher

Two young stars that have grabbed the headlines and public attention are the off springs of the actor Ahmed Zaher and the grandson of the legendary Mahmoud Yassin; Abdo and Noura in 'El Fitwa' are another lovers whose love struggles to survive amongst the deadly rivalry between their fathers. The love between the young couples develops in a progressive and simple manner which makes the couples quite lovable to the audience, Noura played by the aspiring star Laila Zaher though very young but carries such an innocent and natural aura that many viewers saw her as their daughter or young sister and felt connected to her blossoming and first love.



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