El Barth National Epic: A story written by blood, pride and bravery



Fri, 22 May 2020 - 02:54 GMT


Fri, 22 May 2020 - 02:54 GMT

File - El Barth battle's champions.

File - El Barth battle's champions.

CAIRO – 22 May 2020: The highly successful Egyptian series ‘’ El Ekhteyar’’ managed in episode 28 to prove that it is not just a series it is a national documentation to one of the most heroic and immortal military battles in the Egyptian history and without exaggeration in the world history as well which is El Barth national epic.

El Barth is not just a military battle it is a tale of pride, bravery, strength, and the Egyptian champions who fought till the last breath.

The great martyrs and those who survived from our Egyptian army champions represent the true meaning of ‘’Fida’’, they chose to die with pride defending their homeland as they have always lived with pride.

They were injured, bleeding and dying yet holding their weapons and preventing those coward terrorists from taking their place or put their dirty flag on it.

These terrorists were targeting the late great Egyptian military icon Ahmed Saber Mansy who was like a thorn in their throats that prevents them from achieving their bloody plans.

Mansy was the commander of the Thunderbolt Forces who was killed during the clashes between Egyptian Armed Forces and militants as the army besieged the terrorists and foiled attacks that targeted a number of checkpoints in El-Barth village in Rafah, North Sinai in 2017.

This historical episode of ‘’ El Ekhteyar’’ series visualised this immortal battle in a brilliant way that made all the Egyptians and Arabs feel many contradicted feelings such as the pain, pride, happiness and grief.

Hats off to the maestro of this one of a kind episode and the whole series Peter Mimi who presented to us the true reality on screen.

Egyptian star Amir Karara credible performance brought Mansy to life, making us don’t see Karara on screen but only Mansy was there, the matter that pleased Mansy’s soul who appeared to Karara in his dream as the Egyptian star announced on his official Facebook account. Karara asked Mansy if he is satisfied he said that today is like his wedding day in Heaven!!

All the Egyptian rising stars who performed the roles of El Barth battle champions provided outstanding performance such as Essam Elsaka, Ramez Amir, Ahmed Waly, Mohamed Ezz, Tamer Magdy, Karim Mahgoub, Karim Abdel Khalek, Hussein Karara among others.

Episode 28 from El Ekhteyar made us all very proud with our Egyptian army soldiers, as we saw on screen what they did.

Mansy and his men were transferred to El-Barth village in Rafah after a number of terrorists moved there, which led the Egyptian army leaders to ask Mansy and his brave men to get rid of these terrorists.

The highly successful Egyptian series managed in 28 days to remind us how deep our love for Egypt and the Egyptian army men is, and how much we appreciate the sacrifices they make to preserve our homeland security, progress and prosperity.

"El-Ekhteyar" highlighted the dark terrorists’ principals and thoughts, which are based on blood, betrayal, and opportunism.

The patriotic feelings and the sense gratitude for the Egyptian army this great series triggered inside each one of us angered terrorists and extremists, as it revealed their true colours and tackled the heroic operations of their greatest enemy, the Egyptian army in general and Ahmed el-Mansy in particular.

"El-Ekhteyar" is the first Egyptian series to document the several military operations that took place in Sinai against terrorists and talk about the many Egyptian officers and soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the battle.

Each episode presents a patriotic lesson and a precious principal that shows the greatness of the Egyptian army. The series showed us the stories of many martyrs such as Aly (Asser Yassin), Fathy (Mohamed Emam) and Ramy Hassanien (Ahmed Salah Hosny) among others.

The series is loaded with unforgettable moments skilfully presented by great director Peter Mimi who managed to create a national epic with every sense of the word.
Egyptian star Amir Karara brilliantly embodied the role of Mansy, portraying his great soul and introducing his noble thoughts. "El-Ekhteyar" introduces us to the human being deep inside this exceptional hero and why he was a Legend.

By producing this series, Synergy started a new era in the Arab drama production, competing with the European and American productions.

"El-Ekhteyar" clearly proved that Egypt will continue to combat terrorism with all its weapons, which are our great Egyptian army and our soft power represented in art and drama.

The successful trio Karara, Mimi and Dewidar continues to dazzle us every year and whenever we say they achieved the maximum level of success, they prove they still have much more to present.

El Barth Battle immortal martyrs

1- Ahmed Saber Mansy
2- Ahmed El Shabrawy
3- Ahmed Mohamed Hassanien
4- Khaled Maghraby ( Dababa)
5- Mohamed Salah Mohamed
6- Ali Ali Sayed
7- Ahmed El Araby Mostafa
8- Mohamed Mahmoud Mohsen
9- Ahmed Hussein Shahin
10- Farag Mahmoud
11- Mohamed Ismail Ramadan
12- Mahmoud Ragab Abdel Fattah
13- Moemen Rezk Abou el Yazeed
14- Ahmed Mohamed Ali Negm
15- Ali Hassan el Touky
16- Emad Amir Roushdy Yachoub



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