Mahmoud el-Tohamy presented a religious chanting concert online on May 20



Thu, 21 May 2020 - 12:05 GMT


Thu, 21 May 2020 - 12:05 GMT

Mahmoud el-Tohamy - Social media/Facebook

Mahmoud el-Tohamy - Social media/Facebook

CAIRO - 21 May 2020: Sheikh Mahmoud el-Tohamy and Fathi Salama presented a successful online concert on May 20 at 9:30 p.m. where the traditional Sufi chants and contemporary Arab jazz combined with a unique harmony.

The ceremony was hosted by the New York University Arts Center in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development in addition to Al-Burda, a platform for Islamic arts and culture.

Sheikh Mahmoud el-Tohamy, born in Upper Egypt, joined Al-Azhar, and graduated from the College of Arabic Language. He holds a postgraduate diploma, then a preliminary MA in 2003, where he completed free musical studies at the conservatory.

Tohamy was an expert in religious chanting by the age of 13. He held many concerts in Arab, European, Asian and African countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, London, France, Turkey, South Africa, Yemen, Libya, Italy, India, Sudan, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and South Africa.

Tohamy established the first chanting syndicate in Egypt and the Arab world in 2014, and was chosen as the head of chants, scholars and researchers in the chanting culture.

Furthermore, Tohamy founded the school of religious chants in 2015. It is considered the first school specialized in teaching the art of religious chants and supplications, where Tohamy supervises and teaches with a group of professors of religious chants in Egypt.

Also, Tohamy released 18 albums and has performed and written over 300 chants. He received the title of Ambassador of Culture in the Arab World from the International Association for Intellectual and Cultural Creativity in France. He was chosen as the best influential Arab figure for 2016, in honor of the 100 best human figures.

Moreover, Tohamy received an honorary doctorate from the German International Cultural Center in Sidon, Lebanon, a high level of appreciation for his efforts to spread the spirit of tolerance and justice.

Last but not least, Tohamy was chosen as the best advanced Arab creative personality in the field of chanting from the International Council for Empowerment and Institutional Development within the program to honor the 50 best Arab personalities in 2016.

Tohamy established an international art project in cooperation with the leading musician Fathi Salama, which is the “Sufism vs. Modernity” project.



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