Yasser Galal, new tough guy of El-Gamaliya in 20th episode of 'El-Fetewa'



Wed, 13 May 2020 - 02:45 GMT


Wed, 13 May 2020 - 02:45 GMT

Scene from the series - ET

Scene from the series - ET

CAIRO - 13 May 2020: Episode 20 of the series “El-Fetewa” starring Yasser Galal, ended with him becoming the fetewa (Tough Guy) of El-Gamaliya neighborhood after defeating Farag el-Atal and teaching him a painful lesson.

Galal appears masked; he only reveals himself after Farag el-Atal [Dia Abdel Khaleq] defeats Azmi [Ahmed Salah Hosni], and almost becomes the official fetewa of the neighborhood.

However, Hassan el-Gebali [Yasser Galal] shows up and beats him in a nabot fight (stick fight) that changes the course of events, making Gebali the new tough guy of El-Gamaliya.

In the series’ 20th episode, Hassan el-Gebali [Yasser Galal] promises Lail [Mai Omar] he will never let her go as he loves her dearly and that nothing will make them part except death.

Azmi meets Fadl and offers him to pledge allegiance to him as the official tough guy of El-Gamaliya and to give up his dreams of being the official fetewa. He bargains to return to El-Gamaliya with his gang to cooperate together.

The 20th episode of “El-Fetewa” series started with a scene showing Fadl hugging his horse Aziz, assuring him that he will be the next Fetewa, followed by a scene of Gamila condoling Mai Omar and Azmi [Ahmed Salah Hosni], who asks Gamila to stay in El-Gamaliya. She agrees to stay provided that he marries her.

Hassan el-Gebali faces Farag as Azmi prepares to be El-Gamaliya's fetewa. Riyad el-Khouli gathers his gang but refuses to get into any altercation as he fears defeat.

“El-Fetewa” is written by Hany Sarhan and directed by Hussein el-Manbawi. It is produced by Synergy.

The series stars Yasser Galal, Ahmed Salah Hosni, Mai Omar, Naglaa Badr, Ahmed Khalil, Riyad el-Khouly, Inaam Salousa, Laila Ahmed Zaher, Hanadi Mehanna, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, Aida Riyad, Farida Saif el-Nasr, Ahdi Sadiq, Magdy Fekry, Maha Nassar and Yasser Zinconi.



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