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Thu, 22 Jun 2017 - 11:06 GMT


Thu, 22 Jun 2017 - 11:06 GMT

Ahmed El-Sakka - Archive

Ahmed El-Sakka - Archive

CAIRO - 22 June 2017: Ahmed El Sakka is a renowned Egyptian star who first appeared in popular TV series “Nesf Rabeea El-Akhar” (“Half of the Other Spring”) , and then co-starred with Mohamed Henedi in “Sa'eedi fil Gamaa el–Amrekeia” (“A Country Man in the American University”).

Sakka’s real rose to fame began with his acclaimed starring role in 2001’s action film “Africano”, which was a great success.

The box office hit introduced Sakka to the great series of action movies that followed: “Mafia,” “Tito,” “Harb Italia” (“Italy’s War”), “El-Gezeira” (“The Island”) and “EL Gezeira 2,” the last of which is the second-highest-grossing Egyptian box office hit ever, bringing in LE 35 million ($1.9 million) in ticket sales.

Sakka’s latest anticipated film is ”Horob Edtrary” (“Forced to Run”), which will be screened during 2017’s Eid season.

Egypt Today spoke with Sakka about his new TV series, “El-Hossan El-Eswed” (“The Black Horse”), screening during Ramadan, his new movie “Horob Edtrary” and his future plans in the cinematic world.

Egypt Today: Why did you choose to name your TV series “The Black Horse”?

Sakka: The series’ writer, Mohamed Soliman Abdelmalek, chose this name from the very beginning, then we changed the name to “Aks Aqareb Al Saa’” (“Counter Clockwise”), but in the end we agreed on “The Black Horse,” which in chess means ‘the joker.’

ET: How did people react to the series after the first episode?

Sakka: Thank God, I am very happy with the audience’s feedback. The series crew made a great effort throughout the past four months; we worked really hard so I am really happy with the feedback.

ET: For the first time in 10 years, you’re releasing both a TV series and a film in the same year. What is your comment on that?

Sakka: It wasn’t planned at all. I found a great movie script then a great series script, so I agreed as I didn’t mind filming both in one year. I wish I can get a positive feedback for both productions.

ET: “Horob Edtrary” was written in 2005 and will be released in 2017. Why is it so late coming out?

Sakka: We had special circumstances and complications, but the good movie found its way in the end.

ET: You are always patient when it comes to choosing a movie, but it took you only a week to decide to take this role. Why?

Sakka: I always choose with my heart and I go for the script which touches my heart first. When I read the script, I felt it has a good story as well as being a commercial film. Also the crew, synopsis, production and directing encouraged me. Moreover, its scenes are very catchy and include a lot of suspense.

ET: What are the most dangerous scenes you did in this movie?

Sakka: The scene where I was falling from a 47-floor building was the most dangerous scene I’ve ever done. These scenes are prepared accurately and there is always a professional crew responsible for my safety as an actor.

ET: What about the human attributes of Sakka?

Sakka: I love people so much, which is why I always try to help them. I care about my reputation more than stardom.

ET: Do you always think about being number one?

Sakka: 1 is my birth date, me and my dad have the same birthday which is March 2, but number 1 is Allah, isn’t he?

ET: Will your son, Yasseen, be a movie star as well?

Sakka: Yasseen is naturally talented, but I will let him choose his way and do whatever he wants. I care most about bringing up three good children.

ET: What title do you prefer most… King of Action or Knight of Cinema?

Sakka: smiles Allah is the only King, and the knight is the great actor Ahmed Mazhar.



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