After one week, El Ekhteyar becomes a thorn in the throat of traitors



Fri, 01 May 2020 - 01:23 GMT


Fri, 01 May 2020 - 01:23 GMT

File- "El Ekhteyar"

File- "El Ekhteyar"

CAIRO – 1 May 2020: The Highly successful Egyptian series managed in one week to do what wasn’t performed in years. We all love Egypt and its army but this series reminded us how deep is this love and how our Egyptian army men are sacrificing with their lives daily to preserve our homeland security, progress and prosperity.

This national epic gathered and united all the Egyptians around with its credible content that gives us an insightful look about the life, logic, thoughts and noble principals of our army soldiers, champions and martyrs.

‘’El Ekhteyar’’ highlighted as well the dark terrorists’ principals and thoughts, which are based on blood, betrayal, opportunism and coward.

The patriotic feelings and the feeling of gratitude towards the Egyptian army this great series triggered inside each one of us, severely angered these terrorists and extremists because it revealed their true colors and tackled at the same time the heroic operations of their greatest enemy who was our late great martyr and champion Ahmed el Mansy specifically and the Egyptian army in general.

El Ekhteyar in seven episodes only became a huge threaten to these terrorists a matter that proved the effect of art and drama as a soft power that is sometimes more effective than dozens of destructive weapons.

Their severe anger from the series pushed them to commit another coward crime in the holy month of Ramadan !! those who describe themselves as the biggest defenders of Islam, what a paradox!! One Egyptian officer, a non-commissioned officer and eight other army soldiers announced killed and injured as a result of an explosive device blast which targeted an armored vehicle affiliated with the army on April 30.

The terrorist attack took place in Bir al-Abd city, in North Sinai. El Ekhteyar has became a thorn in the throats of these traitors so they wrongly thought that they will remove it by this coward attack.

As a result the Egyptian armed forces affirmed the continuation of its battle against terrorists to preserve the state’s security and stability.

Egypt has been countering terrorism and extremism ideologies over the past years and the series introduced us closely to these efforts that we didn’t know almost most of them.

El Ekhteyar is the first Egyptian series which managed to document and archive the several military operations that took place in Sinai against terrorists and the many Egyptian officers and soldiers who have martyred in the battle.

Each episode presents a patriotic lesson and a precious principal given by Mansy and his colleagues that shows the greatness of the Egyptian army. The series showed us the stories of three martyrs till now who are Aly ( Asser Yassin), Fathy ( Mohamed Emam) and ( Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz). ‘’ If I died tell my mother that your son was a real man’’ these were the last words uttered by great martyr Fathy.

The series is loaded with unforgettable moments that made us all clap our hands to the maestro of this series the great director Peter Mimi who made a national epic with every sense of the word.

El Ekhteyar shed the light on another types of champions who are the wives of these soldiers and officers. We see how Manar Mansy ( Sara Adel) the wife of the great Mansy was bearing the full responsibility of her children alone and hided that they were sick in order not to disturb her husband and make him fully concentrate on his great mission in Sinai.

Mansy was not just an ordinary officer but he was a leader with every sense of the word and this appeared from how he was keen to develop new military tactics like the one he did in episode 7 and resulted in a successful military operation.

Also his leadership skills were clear from the way he dealt with his soldiers and how he was keen to explain to them everything. Egyptian star Amir Karara brilliantly embodied the role of Mansy, portraying his great soul and introducing his noble thoughts.

This series tackled as well the Egyptian army's immortal principal that they must take the revenge of every martyr from those who killed him.

Army officer Aly (played by Asser Yassin), who partnered with Ahmed el-Mansy (Amir Karara) to get the right of their late colleagues and arrest the terrorists hiding in a farm in Sinai, where Aly sacrificed his life and became a martyr.

The docu-drama series brilliantly portrayed the endless chain of successful military operations performed by our great Egyptian Army.

The conversation that took place between Mansy and the terrorists’ leader revealed the difference between the logic of champions and the traitors.

Terrorists’ leader: If you come a bit closer I will detonate the explosive belt; both of us will die and you will go to hell.

Mansy: Use it then. I am sure I will go to heaven. You always say to your followers whom you deceive that you will go to heaven. Use it and let us see who will be in heaven.

Terrorists’ leader: why die together if we can live together?

Mansy: Come with me; we want you alive and if you killed tens of us, others will come to arrest you.

This is the main principal of the Egyptian soldiers; if some die, others complete the mission and others join anew.

"El-Ekhteyar" managed to grab the audiences' attention since the first scene. Unlike many other series whom you will find one or two master scenes in the whole series, each episode in ‘’ El Ekhteyar’’ has two or more master scenes.

The national epic series gave us a deep look at the life of the Egyptian army Legend, Mansy, that we all love, admire and respect but know nothing about his family, friends, personality or morals.

Mansy was the commander of the Thunderbolt Forces who was killed during the clashes between Egyptian army forces and militants as the army besieged groups of terrorists and foiled attacks that targeted a number of other checkpoints in the Rafah area in North Sinai in 2017.

"El Ekhteyar" introduces us to the human being deep inside this exceptional hero and why he was a Legend.

As the first episode of "El Ekhteyar" was very strong, the rest of the episodes continued in the same path, tackling more the human side of Mansy.

Producing this series, Synergy started a new era in the Arab drama production that will compete with the European and American productions.

El Ekhteyar clearly proved that Egypt will continue to combat terrorism with all its destructive weapons which are our great Egyptian army in addition to our soft power represented in art and drama.

The successful trio Karara, Mimi and Dewidar continues to dazzle us every year and whenever we say they achieved the maximum level of success, they prove to us that they have still much more to present, things that will always exceed all our expectations.

Karara reached a level of maturity that made him to master all the details of the character smoothly and brilliantly Dewidar wrote a symphony by all means and Mimi takes the Egyptian drama to a more advanced level that wasn’t presented before and starting the era of what we call docudrama as he mixed real content, photos and videos with the fictional one, plaiting them together in homogenous way.

Mimi rediscovered Egyptian star Ahmed El-Awady who surprised us by his amazing performance to the role of late terrorist Hisham Ashmawy. He is a talented actor but he reached his peak with Mimi in El Ekhteyar as he discovered in Awady new acting capabilities that I guess Awady himself knew nothing about before cooperating with Mimi.

"El Ekhteyar" houses a notable group of talented actors beside Karara and Awady such as Dina Fouad, Hanan Youssef, Sara Adel, Ahmed Fouad Selim, in addition to notable guests of honor such as Eyad Nassar, Mohamed Emam, Salah Abdallah , Mohamed Ragab, Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Asser Yassin, Amr Gamal, Maged el Masry, Ahmed Wafik, among others.

If they asked me to choose a name for this series I wouldn’t have found a more precise and significant word than El Ekhteyar or in other words the chance. This one word summarised the whole moral of the series which presented two characters who were raised in the same army, educated in the same military faculty ,swore the same oath of loyalty to their country but the first’s ( Mansy) Choice was to keep his oath and be the faithful great role model that we all look up to while the second ( Ashmawy) Choice was to walk in the betrayal path and reserved his place in the darkest part of our history. They both died and apparently had the same destiny but i guess that each is now in a completely different place.



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